DUST OF US take latest single ‘PUNCHING BAG’ into new territory with remix package

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DUST OF US take latest single 'PUNCHING BAG' into new territory with remix package

With the release of ‘Punching Bag’ this month, Dust Of Us gave fans further insight into the layered and idiosyncratic world of their upcoming debut EP. Collaborating with talented Australian-born, UK-based vocalist Jess Chalker gave the song additional emotive heft and a melodic beauty to offset its dark lyrical content.

Today, Dust Of Us delivers two special remixes of the track – one by cinematic Brisbane indie-pop group Fresco Kyoto and the other by Melbourne-based production whiz Super Magic Hats. The two artists offer drastically different reinterpretations that take the original song into colourful different territory.

Fresco Kyoto’s take on the original sees vocalist Robbie Balmer incorporate his own vocals onto the track, turning it into a duet. And under the production work of Super Magic Hats, ‘Punching Bag’ has been brought into vibrant landscape dictated by glitchy beats and electronic prowess. The Super Magic Hats remix comes complete with a video shot by Dust of Us’ Lloyd Prescott outside the window of a train in Japan.
“We were really humbled and quite gobsmacked by the remixes that came back, the love and the care that went into them was immediately apparent. Both versions took the song into completely different realms. With Fresco Kyoto’s remix, they obviously spent ages crafting the arrangement and it was so cool to hear their singer Robbie add his vocal to the track, he’s got one of the most amazing voices. Meanwhile, the production chops and dynamics on display on the Super Magic Hats remix are just outta this world. He took the song somewhere so wildly different and exciting.” Dust Of Us

“A dynamic, textured indie-pop dreamland.”
Left Bank Magazine

“‘The Swans’ is a remarkable musical piece that evokes a magical landscape and a serenity that is hard to find in these type of tracks.”

“Beautiful song, well executed. Really like the way it falls into a deeper song with its progression, without taking away from the delicacy of the production.”
Double J, Zan Rowe

“It gently seeps. The production is super cool, I can’t stop listening to it. I just want to know what next element you twist or work into the track. Nice, guys.”
Triple J, Claire Mooney

‘Punching Bag’ is out now via Double Drummer / Believe
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