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Hailing from Ulverstone in North-West Tasmania, Don’t Come Monday have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with on the Tasmanian music scene. With humble beginnings in 2015, the band’s new single, ‘Hangman’ will be available on all major streaming platforms from 15th November, 2022, with the music video set for release on 17th November.

‘Hangman’ sees the band expand into contemporary rock and blues territories, utilising gritty and powerful double-tracked vocals, haunting harmonica lines, and foot-stomping riffs. Lyricist Rob Rose speaks about the meaning of the song: “Hangman is about fighting internal battles of dread, doubt, and negativity. It’s about confronting your demons and challenging those perpetual inner voices of anxiety, depression, and fear that can creep in and take over. It’s a dark song about a dark topic, but with a positive and empowering message”.

The music video for the single was shot and edited in Forth, Tasmania by Jala-loka Lewandowski, and directed by Jacob Boote. The video compliments the dark and sombre mood of the track, culminating in an energetic live shot where frontman Rob Rose unmasks, revealing the duality of himself and the ‘hangman’ character before belting out the final refrain with the band, “Hangman hunting me, I don’t want to die!” Co-produced and recorded at Kindred Hall by Andrew Forth, mixed by Russ T. Rokk (Hoodoo Gurus, Rose Tattoo, Midnight Oil, Noiseworks, The Choirboys), and mastered by William

Bowden at King Willy Sound (Gotye, Eskimo Joe, Ballpark Music, The Living End), ‘Hangman’ is 100% Tasmanian-made – from initial conception, through to final stages of audio and video production.

‘Hangman’ is the band’s second single, after independently releasing the controversial and brutally honest ‘Convenience (Will Kill Us)’ from the ‘Hands of Time’ EP in 2020 to widespread positive response.

The band boasts multiple decades of combined musical and performance experience, with prolific songwriter Rob Rose (Thongs and Socks Collective, FOLKUS) on lead vocals, Grant Hearps (Golden Sunbird, Home Brewed Blues, Swell Magnet) on bass, Fintan McCullough (Tessa Lee and The Cold Weather Band, Midnight Messengers) on guitar, and Rick Lovell (Billy Rocket Band, Paradigm, Fireball) on drums. Jack B. Harper contributed the harmonica tracks for “Hangman”.

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