Dilly Set To Reveal Cathartic Single ‘Losing My Mind’ Out Now!

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A master of moreish melodies, sincere storytelling and compelling sonic dynamism, Melbourne-based artist Dilly is unveiling the latest addition to his particular fusion of indie/ alternative/ ambient styles, with new single ‘Losing My Mind’ (out March 4).

A collaboration project fronted by singer/ songwriter and producer/ engineer Darius PapakDilly is the culmination of years of music industry experience, which saw Darius excel as a performer, evolve as a songwriter and discover a desirable talent for sound production and engineering.

Now, Dilly combines accrued music industry expertise to deliver well-crafted sonic experiences, starting with the release of four singles in ‘Hole’, ‘Trigger’Trippin’’ and ‘Breaking Change’ last year, ahead of newest track ‘Losing My Mind’.

Immediately evoking a misty, aerial quality inspired by modern alt/ indie trail-blazers, ‘Losing My Mind’ sees Dilly embrace his ambient influences as his layered vocals echo grandly over emerging keys, guitar notes and percussive tinkerings. Like a ray of sunshine peeping through a delicate fog, the song opens up with warming indie-rock melodies, featuring charming acoustic and electric guitar movements with vibrant electronic rhythms, leading to a bright, swaying chorus.

Dilly’s vocal techniques move through the track like water, with ripples of overlapping harmonies dripping with transfixing effects, an almost imperceptible urgency brewing until Dilly’s voice expands with a bristling intensity near the song’s hopeful end.

Dilly found catharsis in writing ‘Losing My Mind’, exploring the most vulnerable parts of his life while taking time to appreciate the support, patience and love that can come from others during difficult times of hopelessness. Dilly further explains:

‘Losing My Mind’ describes a time of dwelling in the most vulnerable parts of life, loss and feeling hopeless, as well as the positive flip-side to being in such a vulnerable place. Embracing the kindness and wisdom of others who reach out and believe in you. Gaining the strength to seek professional help. Finding support that instils a sense of hope, foundation and structure that you can build from. And ultimately, feeling life and energy as it rushes back through your system, as the clouds begin to clear and the colours of the world get stronger.”

Not only is Darius showcasing his talents via Dilly, but he is also sharing his skills as a producer with his peers, launching his innovative studio business Mix On The Move earlier in the year. Building a state-of-the-art studio in a van, Darius created Mix On The Move to allow artists to travel to places they want to record, rather than being cooped up in a studio.

Recorded and mixed at Mix On The MoveDilly’s new single ‘Losing My Mind’ is out on March 4.

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