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Asbjørn releases ’He’s Dancing So Well (I’m Better)’, the first single from his forthcoming (yet to be titled) fourth studio album.  

’He’s Dancing So Well (I’m Better)’ is a refreshing approach to the Scandinavian experimental pop  genre; opening with fervor and intensifing with an energetic string ensemble, only to suddenly  morph and shuffle like a body in manic movements, all while Asbjørn‘s longing voice whispers; “I will  dance with myself forever. He never needs to know. He’s dancing so well, but I’m better.” 

On the track, Asbjørn says “To me, dancing is a necessary tool to express vulnerability. By giving the  emotions a physical outlet, I gain strength to share from a rawer place than I’m actually comfortable  with. The songs production is a direct result of me dancing and translating that movement into beats,  juxtaposing the string orchestras softness with a manic danceability that my brain would never have  come up with.” 

’He’s Dancing So Well (I’m Better)’ is available on all digital streaming and download platforms,  listen here.

Asbjørn’s untitled fourth album has been produced by Asbjørn himself, in close collaboration with Steffen Lundtoft from the internationally recognized band, Lowly. The album is set to be released  later in 2024 with more music to come before its release!  

Asbjørn recently announced he will be appearing at Roskilde Festival in Denmark this June, one of  Euorpe’s largest festivals.


Asbjørn is a popstar unlike any other.  

In 2012 he starts his own label – at only 19 years of age – to keep creative control and gains more than 8 million views on his visionary interconnected music videos.  

His genre-busting pop receives praise from Lykke Li as well as Denmarks biggest female rapper, Tessa, who invites him on as feature on 2022-single ’Farver’.  

He’s been covered by tastemaker-blogs including DIY Magazine, The Line of Best Fit and  Highsnobiety along with his music being featured on Germany’s Next Top Model during national  prime time TV. 

Even with a tour schedule of major festivals and headliner concerts, Asbjørn still manages to play  more than 50 concerts a’ year in high schools and talk to the teenagers about sexuality and identity  freedom. You get the picture…  

The DNA of Danish pop-rebel Asbjørn is unconventional; an indie-darling with a wildcard to the pop mainstream. “Friction is freedom”, in his own words. “As a kid, my parents would put on classical, folk  and world music in the morning and when I came home from school, I’d make choreographies to  Destiny’s Child, Britney and Madonna.” Underneath the surface of his beautifully crafted melodies  the friction unravels in a plethora of polyrhythms and playful unpredictability, urging music-journalists  to call him “a modern critics’ wet dream”, “an ode to all those who don’t fit in” and “much needed CPR  to a genre at risk of losing its edge”

Asbjørn’s last LP Boyology (2022) included collaborations with PC Music’s Danny L Harle (Charli XCXCaroline Polacheck, Dua Lipa) and Planningtorock (Lady Gaga, Robyn, Romy). His fourth yet to be  titled album is set for release in 2024 featuring the first single ’He’s Dancing So Well (I’m Better)’ out  now.


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