Delve Into SOMNIUM’s Mind-Melting Realm Of Psychedelic Prog-Rock With New Release, ‘What Would You Be When You Die?’

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Previous Support For SOMNIUM

“With this release, it places SOMNIUM on the top shelf of ones to watch in the psychedelic realm.”
(AAA Backstage) [About ‘Truth Set Me Free’]

“A sensory whirlpool of hypnotic rock wonder”
(Hysteria Mag) [About ‘Truth Set Me Free’]

“It’s sounding like King Gizzard mixed with your dad’s old record collection.”
(Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Truth Set Me Free’]

“Australian outfit bring the same grooves as Tame Impala to their latest psych-rock romp”
(Mystic Sons) [ About ‘Truth Set Me Free’]

“The duo go from trance-inducing indie rock to slacker hippy prog within the space of this four and half minute windy, drifting rocker. Feel the breeze… Catch a wave… Dig it!”
(Stoner Hive) [ About ‘Truth Set Me Free’]

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Adelaide/Tarndanya-based alternative / prog-rock psychedelia stars SOMNIUM invite listeners to fly into the light and imagine the afterlife with their trippy trance-inducing ‘What Would You Be When You Die?’, out NOW.

With a sound that is depicted by hypnotic motifs, punchy riffs and floating melodies, they’ve enchanted crowds at sold-out shows supporting Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, and shared the stage with heavyweights including King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Pond, Mild High Club, The Belligerents, Ecca Vandal, The Babe Rainbow, Buried Feather and more.

Hot on the tails of their hypnotic single ‘Truth Set Me Free’, the second release from the band for the year is an adventurous exploration into a swirling haze of psychedelic soundscapes.

‘What Would You Be When You Die?’ is a track that is thought-provoking and philosophical, yet manages to still feel lighthearted. As the title suggests, it explores reincarnation, but with the possibilities imagined taking an unexpectedly amusing turn.

Thundering rolls of drums, distinct psych-swirls of fuzzy riffs and plenty of prog-rock panache, this swaying soundscape digs deep with melancholically-tinged bass, then eases into a slowly spiralling meander through its mind-melting melody. The drift is boldly bookended with clean-cut, playful percussion that drives up the energy, and a dousing of drowned-out vocals that warp in accordance with the melody.

‘What Would You Be When You Die?’ takes a peek into the spiritual realm and entertains the possibilities of what comes next. The lyrics explore imaginative ideas of being reborn as a mountain goat with wings, and a kangaroo that can sing – among other kooky things. SOMNIUM explains further:

‘What Would You Be When You Die?’ is a witty delve into reincarnation and the afterlife. The lyrical themes ponder philosophical questions and satirical potentials of the unknown. All this tied in with strong fuzzy riffage, bombastic thunder drums and eerie melodic vocals combusts to form a down-tuned and driving prog-rock song.”

SOMNIUM is turning heads both locally and across the pond, having their latest track added to rotation on a multitude of stations including Southern FM (VIC), 2SER (NSW), RDU (New Zealand), and Radio Wigwam (UK). The track has also been played on Radio Adelaide, 5ZZZ, Tribe FM, 2BBB, 5WOW, Three D Radio, 4ZZZ and more.

Get lost in the whirlpool of wondering ‘what comes next?’ with SOMNIUM’s ‘What Will You Be When You Die?’

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