Debut Track From Australian Producer BENTLE

by the partae

Today’s debut release ‘100x’  from Australia’s newest producer BENTLE, has got our attention.

‘100x’ is like watching a romance film in slow motion with a rose gold filter. Which makes sense considering BENTLE describes his debut track as being birthed in a small bedroom with the afternoon sunset seeping through the windows.

Pursuing the conceptuality of Frank Ocean, the accost of James Blake and the expanse of Bon Iver, ‘100x’ captures a sonic soundscape distorted with mesmerising emotions through the soaring vocals and swirling reverberating tones, an individualistic sound for BENTLE as Australia’s newest producer.

A sound that demands one to stop what their doing and meditate on a meaningful thought, “‘100x’ is an introspective screenshot of the realities of expectations, responsibility and the evolving nature of love….exploring the context of two people acknowledging the complexities of love and questioning the picture of it that society often provides to them” BENTLE explains. ‘100x’ is a disposition that is so dramatically evocative and romantic.

This debut single is a taste for a new EP that will grace our ear drums in early 2019 and a series of interactive live shows for us to get to know the new artist a bit better.

‘100x’ is out EVERYWHERE now. 

‘100x’ | SINGLE


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