Dayliites – Ghosts (Mixtape)

by the partae

Forward-thinking producer PACES and vocal talent CLOE TERARE united across the QLD/NSW border and despite the pestilence, disasters and major upheavals that they’ve been through this project has found its place and time. The merging of their unique talents has made for something unpredictably compelling.

Dayliites is a gentle pop/electronic outfit with beautiful songwriting and world class production/ There’s a disparate mix of naivety, cynicism, expertise and optimism living inside Dayliites that makes the music sound both precise and effortless. The lo-fi & bedroom elements, expertly produced, have a slacker energy that’s contrary to the sweet, delicate, intricate & honest moments in both Cloe’s performances & Paces’ production.

There are some clear influences here; from Paces’ long standing fandom of Charlie XCX too superstars Billie Ellish & Doja Cat and a hit of Australia’s own Mallrat. Yet Dayliites feels unique in their song structure. They way the choruses sneak up on you, the meditative energy, the interplay of nylon string guitar and muted drums. Uniting the best elements of lofi hip-hop and modern pop, the duo’s debut mixtape ‘Ghosts’ is a potent display of their singularly sweet sound and another great showing from Paces’ own Off leash Records.

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