Daphne Huguette – Jewellery Designer

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Daphne Huguette Daphne Huguette

Where are you currently based?

I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Please tell us a little about your cultural heritage:

I am Dutch Indonesian and growing up in two different cultures was very interesting and challenging. When I grew up in Indonesia, I realised from early on what privilege means as I saw a lot of poverty on the streets. I lived in Yogyakarta which was the cultural centre of Indonesia. It is a vibrant student city where international and local artists live. It is also known for its silver handicraft for many decades in history.  I was lucky enough to be growing up here because I was surrounded by art since I was a little girl. Looking back at where I grew up, it made sense now to me that I am doing what I am doing now, jewellery making.

How did Daphne Huguette the label come about?

I started to sell paintings online in Amsterdam. During this time, I went to Crete and Sicily and got myself immersed in their culture. What I found interesting in their culture is their appreciation for jewellery culture in which jewellery is seen as a family heirloom. I was still dreaming of becoming a painter at that time period, but I was still curious about jewellery making and its history. So when I moved to Melbourne I decided to go to a jewellery school to get familiar with jewellery. During this process I found out my style and I started my label right before the pandemic which was not a perfect timing. Despite the lockdowns, I did not give up and got many people messaging me about ordering some of my rings. Then I realised people actually do appreciate my creations, and it is very fulfilling to be able to make people happy with my creations, so I decided to become more serious in starting Daphne Huguette.

What or who influences your jewelry pieces?

Predominantly nature and cultural heritage, especially from Greece and Indonesia. Growing up in Yogyakarta, I witnessed a lot of art and exhibitions, I also enjoyed history from early on. Visiting Hindhu and Buddhist temples was one of my favourite things to do. The relief sculptures and textures are so mesmerising and magical.

Please tell us about your creative process from inspiration to creation of a finished piece:

I paint the designs on a piece of paper then redesign if I think it needs adjustments.  Then I make the designs on wax

I bike to the casting showrooms to get them cast, when they are ready they need to get polished and cleaned. For gold plated pieces the jewellery needs to be gold plated afterwards. It is a big process and it sometimes takes 4 hours to get a piece done.

What materials do you use?

I use recycled silver mostly and sometimes gold.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I am listening to One Dove, Cleo Sol, Sade lately.

What do you like to do away from jewelry?

I love looking at vintage clothes, going to the park, watching documentaries, and eating food with people I love.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

I love Indonesian food from Ria in South Melbourne & Bistrot on Smith st.


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