Danish Iris Gold unveils new track ‘Keep The Light On’

by the partae

“Playful and infectious in equal measure, “Keep The LIght On” is a welcome change from the usual wintry gloom” – Complex Magazine

Danish-Jamaican songstress Iris Gold is pleased to announce details of a brand new single ´Keep The Light On´ due 30th November.

She says: “The Song is about meeting up with an ex for a chat and some kind of closure, but your ex is on some seductive, Barry White, barritone and incense. And Its just about wanting to keep the light and keep things above board in the midst of all the sauciness”.

The lyrics and idea for ´Keep The Light On´ was conceived awhile back but was kept on the shelves till now. When Iris heard a special beat by the Danish producer-group Pitchshifters, she immediately knew that the song had finally found its place. That production accompanied by her rap in the verses and her singing in the chorus, rounded off beautifully by just a touch of some chilled brass. ´Keep The Light On´ has a slower and more subdued sound, that fits the meditative theme. A theme that describes the period after two lovers have broken up. A time between the last love in the relationship and the complete liberation from each other as ex-lovers. But where you still hold strong feelings for each other and deep inside know its not the best of ideas to give in, let go and turn off the lights, even for just one night.

Iris Gold made her debut in 2015 with the song ´Goldmine´ that quickly got the attention from the music business, who were smitten by her style and unique musical talents, and offers to support established stars like Miguel, Taylor Swift and Robbie Williams came quickly. She has since established herself in Denmark and abroad as a new, true talent among her peers in the music business.

Iris Gold was born in London, but grew up in Denmark in Freetown Christiania surrounded by music and progressive culture. Iris had been singing and rapping since she from an early age was introduced to hip hop, reggae and psychedelic-pop/rock music, music that has left a great impact on the music she makes today: A riveting mix of pop, R&B, hip hop and soul, alongside the poetry and storytelling in her songwriting.

2018 has been an amazing year for Iris Gold who has toured around Europe, having done more than 80 shows. The rest of this year and into 2019 offer even more great things for Iris Gold. She is playing a unique and exclusive concert at the historic Betty Nansen Theatre in Copenhagen on December 1st called Iris Gold IscenesatThe concert is arranged by Betty Nansen Theatre and Roskilde Festival, who works to merge music and art. Furthermore, she is also playing both the annual Eurosonic Festival in The Netherlands this January and FOCUS Festival in Wales this May.

……also, there’s a debut album on the way.

“Copenhagen-raised songstress Iris Gold is winning us over with her eclectic blend of old school hip hop, sunshine pop and trippy beats.” – Wonderland

“Offers a wonderfully carefree contrast to the glut of grim-lipped overthinkers” – Line of Best Fit




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