Dani Nash ‘Ordinary Love’ and ‘Anything At All’ Premiere

by the partae

Toronto’s very own Dani Nash has unveiled her latest musical offerings with the release of two captivating singles: “Ordinary Love” and “Anything At All”.

Nash’s profound dedication to music has propelled her into a revered figure within Toronto’s vibrant music scene. Her journey has been marked by numerous collaborations, tours, and recordings alongside fellow artists. With over a decade of experience, she has showcased her exceptional talent as a drummer and multi-instrumentalist, gracing stages with renowned Canadian acts such as Sarah Harmer, Andy Shauf, and Fefe Dobson. Most notably, she has recently joined forces with Toronto’s own JULY TALK as their esteemed 6th member.

Beyond her instrumental prowess, Nash has established herself as a formidable songwriter, stepping out from behind the drum kit to release a critically acclaimed self-titled album in March 2022. Garnering praise and widespread radio airplay, her album has been lauded by Exclaim! magazine as “the perfect end theme to a John Hughes film.”

Continuing her artistic evolution, Nash’s upcoming double feature single release delves into themes of nostalgia intertwined with the nuanced experiences of the queer community, offering a poignant follow-up to her previous work.


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