Dani Doucette

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

I am currently based in Toronto, ON.

How did you first start playing music?

I was influenced by my family, my father is a musician, however I really started playing with my brother Andre Doucette.

What’s been happening recently?

Well I’m still coming down from the high of performing for North Bay Pride, It was an electric evening.

Your new EP ‘Run With Me’ will be out on January 14th, what influenced the sound and songwriting?

Honestly each song has its own unique vibe. I wanted this EP to just have freedom of expression, and allow each song to be its own mood. I was influenced by things going on in the world that I think about, experiences in my life I was sorting through. The usual songwriter things lol!

How did you go about writing the EP?

This first collection has been written and rewritten. Some songs are 6 years in the making, I wrote “Making Moves” two weeks before we had to solidify the line-up.

Where and when did you record/produce/master the EP and who with?

So many great people made this EP happen, Milano, Jack Emblem, Thomas McKay, Anthony Wright, Danie Santos, Andre Doucette, Phil Demetro, and Vic Florencia.

How did you approach the recording process?

Each song at a time. Then I listened for months, and if I wanted to change anything, I did.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I love listening to a wide arrangement of songs. I love good house music like Elderbrook and Rufus Du Sol. Also Robyn and throwback R&B from the early 2000’s.

What do you like to do away from music?

Put my earbuds in and run!

What’s planned for 2022?

Well this release is top priority and at the moment I’m organizing the music video for the title track, “Run With Me”.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

A big salad and a cabin in the woods.

Twitter: @danidoucettexo

Facebook: /iamdanixo

Instagram: @dani._doucette

Website: www.danidoucettemusic.com

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