The Dandys Release Huge Knife-Edged Track ‘Take You Home’

by the partae
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“There is something so cheeky about this track. When the chorus hits I’m smiling ear to ear.”
(Lu Hill, Triple J) [About ‘Lemons’]

“Known for their unhinged live shows and deep trench indie rock, The Dandys have completed the ritual and summoned their latest single into this world.”
(Livewire AU) [About ‘Lemons’]

“Meanjin darlings The Dandys are quickly become one of the ‘it’ bands to emerge from the banks of the Maiwar for quite some time, their riveting, irresistible, grungy indie rock
appealing to ears and dancing feet alike.” 


“You guys are pillars of the local music scene…”
(Michael Hudson, 4ZZZ)

Hitting airwaves with plenty of ooft is this huge tune from Brisbane/Meanjin’s grungy, alt-rock newcomers The Dandys‘Take You Home’ makes its debut on July 29, and will nestle itself comfortably in playlists from then onwards.

They may be fresh on the scene, but The Dandys are already making waves with killer live sets and a sound that instantly manages to feel both familiar and brand new. The group flourished out of a uni project late last year and have wasted no time in clocking up gigs, playing at Teneriffe Festival, selling out their first single launch at The Blackbear Lodge and playing alongside industry heavyweights Peach Fur and The Dreggs, as well as supporting Bakers Eddy on their tour earlier this year. Not. Mucking. Around.

Armed with two epic tracks up their sleeve, ‘Good Life’ and ‘Lemons’The Dandys are unveiling another straight-up banger – this time, with a sweet touch of pop sensibility that allows Mads Protheroe’s voice to shine above the grungy goodness.

‘Take You Home’ is all about the thrill of the chase. The track’s bold bassline is submerged in an addictive alt-rock rhythm that blends beautifully with its softer hooks and a chorus swimming in pools of desire. The tune subtly creeps in and latches on, building toward an effortless drum and lead guitar breakdown that soars. It’s only fair to instantly hit repeat.

On the surface, the song’s lyrics could appear to be an insistent plea for a date, but delving a little deeper reveals that the song was written with more sinister desires in mind, as lead singer Mads Protheroe elaborates:

“At the time, I had been listening to a lot of serial killer podcasts and I decided it would be an interesting approach to write from the perspective of one and try and get out of my head all the time and in theirs a little bit. It was a really different way from how my lyrics usually come about, but it’s basically a song about a one-night stand, from the perspective of a serial killer. Instead of picking up a date, he’s picking up a victim.” 

This gang of talented muso’s (who are definitely not serial killers) will be bringing their riveting indie-rock goodness to stages very soon. Head to Black Bear Lodge on Friday 26th August for the single launch of ‘Take You Home’, which will be supported by Square, SAMMM. and Flamingo Blonde ending the night with a DJ set.

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