CUT_ unveils powerful new single ‘The w*r’ addressing global trauma and resilience

by the partae

The Dutch Sebastian Dutilh and Belle Doron, better known as the electronic duo CUT_  release new song ‘The w*r’. The fact that they had to censor their own song title says it all. In a time, the world seems to be on fire art is giving relieve and music is needed in the dark but no channels are unbiased and a precaution like this is needed to avoid censorship.

When in 2022 the duo headed towards a cabin in the woods to write new music, they’d never expected to be inspired in such a dark way. The song ‘The w*r’ sprung to live influenced by the atrocities of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

‘The w*r’ came into existence through the duo’s deep emotional response to the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Belle Doron’s haunting vocals convey the pain and trauma of invasion, but amid the darkness, a resilient light emerges. The lyrics echo a message of strength, with lines like “I am mine, I’ve lost some of my mind, but what is left is so much stronger than before. ‘The w*r’ is a song about readiness to fight, resilience, trauma and overcoming difficult times to finally come out stronger on the other end.

Originally conceived in the hope that the war in Ukraine would become history, the opposite has happened. ‘The w*r’ unfortunately remains relevant, plus resonating anew in light of recent events in Gaza. CUT_ acknowledges the ongoing turmoil with a heavy heart, yet they remain steadfast in their mission to provide comfort and support through music.

The accompanying video, the fourth installment of a planned eight, encapsulates CUT_’s commitment to their unique vision. Entirely self-produced, the video features shots captured by the duo, enhanced by the glitch artistry of Cyborg Jungle, resulting in a nostalgic analog 90’s vibe. Each video in the series showcases a strong young woman adorned in armor-like attire, symbolizing resilience, power and drawing from elements of club culture.

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CUT_ draws inspiration from the liberating spirit of club culture, celebrating freedom, self-expression, and a sense of belonging. As the duo continues to release a series of eight videos, they explore these themes, shedding light on cultural facets often relegated to the shadows.

‘The w*r’ is more than a song; it’s a testament to the power of music to channel emotions, heal wounds, and inspire hope. In the face of adversity, CUT_ stands as a beacon, offering a sonic journey through pain and triumph, encouraging listeners to emerge stronger on the other side.

About CUT_
CUT_ started their musical journey as a duo back in 2014, Improvising and creating music on the spot for a live audience as an electronic improvisation act. The musical spark was strong and the performance moved into a tiny studio were their first success would see the light within the year. Since 2014 Sebastiaan Dutilh and Belle Doron have been experimenting with production and songwriting. Pushing boundaries of pop and electronic music, combining the two in what proved to be a fruitful marriage. In 2014 their English rendition of Stromae’s Papoutai went viral on Youtube and Stromae himself even shared their version on his social media. With a string of successful releases, millions of streams, and many international shows they decided to expand the live band, welcoming Jelle Huiberts on drums and Korné ter Steege on bass. The live performances of CUT_ are as essential as their online presence, leaving audiences breathless with their dynamic show and and a band as strong as a tsunami.

After releasing their debut album in 2019, the second single “Out of touch” ended up Netflix show Elite. It was featured during a steamy and quite crucial scene between two main characters Ander & Omar. After airing “Out of Touch” quickly rose to the #1 position on the Global Shazam Chart and stayed there for weeks. Next to the success on this Shazam chart the song got into over 10 countries’ viral playlists on Spotify making it a viral hit (in the Spanish world especially). It’s now reached over 50 million streams on all platforms.



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