Cruise Into GENIIE BOY’S Sonic Wonderland With Blissful New Track ‘Better’

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Previous Support For GENIIE BOY

“this is Geniie Boy’s best one yet! the vibrance to these melodies are as infectious and joyous as it gets.”
4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Shaky Ground’]

“it’s as if the little dancing emoji has come to life and taken the form of a Geniie Boy song”
4 / 5 (Max Quinn, Triple J) [About ‘Shaky Ground’]

“Between Alisha’s charismatic voice and the smart production, there’s plenty to love” 
4 / 5 (Abby Butler, Triple J) [About ‘Fool’s Play’]

‘Bruises’ featured on ‘Fuzzy’ Spotify Playlist

“Late ’90s, early 2000s college radio guitar pop that basks in the glow of DIY indie magic and Alisha’s soaring vocals brimming with care-free spontaneity and bright, easily digestible tones ‘Shaky Ground’ is an alluring ear worm that’ll nestle itself in many upcoming playlists.”
(Scenestr) [About ‘Shaky Ground’]

“GENIIE BOY has again shown off their brilliance when it comes to creating catchy hooks and feel-good moments.”
(AAA Backstage) [About ‘Shaky Ground’]

“Their cruisy, laid-back indie-pop vibe’s given a signature lift via Alisha’s lilting, layered vocals and Scott’s razor-sharp production. For two artists who’ve never spent a lot of time around pop, they’re sure as heck nailing it.”
(Natalie O’Driscoll, Blank Mag)

“‘Bad Company’ is an ice-cream sundae with the lot.”
(AU Review)

“Sure to be stuck in your head from the first listen, Geniie Boy’s indie-pop sound is your perfect summer companion, with multi-instrumental hooks, danceable drum beats, soaring harmonies and Alisha’s conversational lyrics keeping you company…”

“Combining Alisha Todd’s silky vocals and knack for charismatically catchy hooks with Scott French’s sharp production and crunchy guitar riffs, the pair have created an exciting multi-dimensional pop atmosphere to be enjoyed by all.”

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‘Better’ is a nostalgia-soaked piece of indie-pop/rock from the delightful Yugambeh/Gold Coast duo GENIIE BOY, due for release on August 26 alongside the accompanying music video.

Already blazing a trail of electro-pop excellence, Alisha Todd and Scott French formed the GENIIE BOY project and burst onto the scene with a handful of tasty tracks in 2021 as well as their dazzling debut EP ‘If You Have Something To Say’. Fresh off the stage from a host of shows around their hometown, GENIIE BOY is set to take the stage at Springtime Festival at Surfers Paradise on September 4.

Hot on the heels of the groovy ‘Shaky Ground’, this new single ‘Better’ marks their third release for the year – a cruisy tune packed with warmth and effortless feel-good guitar-driven rhythm.

Its magic is punctuated by clever drum fill motifs, polished production and Alisha’s distinctively silky voice that shines in the foreground, as well as in the catchy accents of backing vocals that are bound to have listeners smiling along. Listening once is good, but twice is definitely better.

The song was written about the lifelong pursuit of ‘betterness’, and the many ways we duck and weave the obstacles of modern life to find it. Alisha elaborates:

“The old saying – ‘if you love something, you’ve gotta let it go’ is almost the entire moral of this story, and that perhaps if we ‘let go of our hold’ on things, we can see the bigger picture more clearly.”

And for GENIIE BOY, the bigger picture is looking pretty damn good. Winning over tastemakers far and wide, their tunes have seen support from Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, MTV, AU Review, AAA Backstage, Frankie Magazine, BLANK GC, Scenestr, Aus Music Scene, Amnplify, Tone Deaf, The Music, LiveWire AU, Glide Mag, idobi Radio and Spotify playlists.

In pure GENIIE BOY fashion, they bring all their creative joy and larger-than-life humour in the accompanying music video as they explore a day in their life when performing on breakfast TV – giving the producers a heart attack. Always going the extra mile in their extravagant music videos, all hands were on deck to prep each of their giant paper mache heads before diving head first into this self-produced clip.

Feel good with GENIIE BOY’S vibrant new single ‘Better’ when it takes hold from August 26.


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