Cris Gamble – En La Nave (Prod. by Anunnaki)

by the partae

Cris Gamble’s new single, “En La Nave,” is set to redefine expectations with its distinctive sound and exciting collaboration with producer Anunnaki. The moment the track kicks off with its sinister acid line, it becomes evident that this is a departure from Cris Gamble’s previous work. Anunnaki’s influence on the track is immediately palpable, marking the first collaboration between these two talented artists.

Cris Gamble’s seamless transition between Spanish and English lyrics creates a captivating dynamic within the song, blending percussive punches and harmonic glides.. The thumping Reggaeton beat sets a relentless rhythm, engaging in a captivating dance between snare drums and sweeping filters, while exuding an air of anxious trepidation. It’s a harder sound than what one might typically associate with Anunnaki, known for his sophisticated pop beats, and this departure underscores the artists’ versatility.

This Melbourne-based duo’s collaboration was long-awaited, given their shared Chilean heritage and diverse musical influences. Their sounds, when combined, possess a sharp and unique edge, setting “En La Nave” apart from anything else in their respective discographies.

“En La Nave” is out today and serves as a milestone for both Cris Gamble and Anunnaki, marking a pivotal moment in their musical careers. This track is a thrilling departure and a must-listen for fans of innovative and boundary-pushing music.

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