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CORDUROY SPACESHIP returns for 2021 with new single 'I DON'T CRY'

Where did ‘I Don’t Cry’ first start for you – how does the song resonate with you now?

The first part i wrote was the opening guitar line. Usually I fall out of love with stuff i’ve written shortly after releasing it, but this track has stayed in a pretty positive light with me which is unusual.

Your sound is super intricate and developed; can you remember your early sonic influences and do you think those influences have stayed the same now?

I was really into a weird mixture of Neil Young and hip hop as a kid and still am. I think you can see those influences in my song structures and drum sounds.

Who is inspiring you now (think of this as a bit of a recommendation question for readers)? 

Dan Auerbach’s ‘Waiting on A Song’ and Lewis Coleman’s ‘Method of Places’

Can you tell us a bit about where you recorded ‘I Don’t Cry’ and who you worked with? 

I Don’t Cry was recorded entirely by myself in three different bedrooms I have lived in over the last 12 months, one of which was a shed in Brunswick. The only other hands and ears to touch it were those of Mastering Engineer George Georgiadis @ Little Wing Sound

Were there any particular highlights of the creation process for you?

I didn’t plan on having any drums in the bridge but on the day I recorded the drums I kind stumbled upon a drum part while i was setting up the kit and fell in love with it. It the drums you now hear in the bridge!

The pandemic hit a lot of artists, and hit them differently – how has lockdown affected the way you approach music?

Lockdown hasn’t so much changed the way i approach music, but it definitely threw out most of my plans for 2020. I moved to Melbourne in hopes of finding band members so I could play live, but instead we were told not to leave our homes or socialise for 10 months 

Do you think you work better – as in songwriting – alone or with others?

I find myself making quicker decisions when im working with others. Instead of debating with yourself for sometimes months, you can just ask for their opinion. I feel more confident when writing with other artists.

What are you looking forward to the most about music – yours and others – moving forward into 2021?

Every year Australian music is getting stronger and stronger and i can’t wait for Australian artists to receive more of the recognition they deserve. Australian artists are definitely making the best music in the world right now.

‘I Don’t Cry’ is out now.
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