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Corduroy Spaceship reveals striking sophomore EP, Life In Hollywood

What significance does this record have to you now, that it’s out there and you can look back on it as a completed record?

The record loses significance in some way to me after it’s been released. When I’m writing and recording it seems like this mammoth task and I imagine once I finish it I will feel really accomplished. But it kinda turns out the other way. I won’t listen to the record for maybe 2-4 weeks after it’s been released, then I’ll hit it up and kinda feel like ah well that’s kinda cool I guess?? What do I do now..? What’s next? It’s a weird rollercoaster of emotions.

How long did the recording of this EP take and if there was, what was something you learned about yourself as an artist during that process?

Roughly 18 months I think. There was a lot of delay due to lockdown here in Melbourne. Every time I’m involved in some kind of recording or record or whatever I seem to learn to be less and less hard on myself. I’m learning to take my foot off the gas when an obstacle comes my way. Instead of doubling down and hoping for the best. 

Is there any one song that stands out to you as a favourite (and why)?

Life In Hollywood is definitely the track I want people to hear. It’s something new for me with the guitar taking the backseat and letting the vocals and synth drive. It’s new territory for me and I want people to notice that more than anything else. 

Was there a moment when making this EP where you thought, ‘This is turning into something that I wasn’t expecting’ – did the initial vision you had for it change in the final product?

As soon as I started recording Life In Hollywood I was like, ‘Holy shit I haven’t been here before.’ I was trying to work out what the guitar was supposed to do, but it became obvious early on that it wasn’t needed. Homage Part 1 & 2 were going to be one bigger song but at some point got split up and book ending the EP. 

Was much of the material written pre-lockdown or during?

About 50/50. I wrote the bassline for She Wants You about 4 years ago. Life In Hollywood came in the depths of lockdown.  

Thinking about the music you’re wanting to make in the future, how does this EP capture this energy?

I’m excited about playing more synth and keys for sure, to broaden my knowledge a bit. This EP in particular I have really grown to love writing and playing bass, so I think these instruments that usually take a back seat role will come to the forefront in future recordings. 

Being in Melbourne, how much of an escape has music been for you over the last 12 months?

It’s been an escape and a prison. I had more time than ever to sit down and write and record, but it was almost the only thing I did during lockdown. Writing and recording is usually my happy place but during lockdown I didn’t really have any other place to escape to. Music felt like a chore at times.


The Life In Hollywood EP is out now.



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