Clinton Hutton Releases ‘Can’t Handle Losing’

by the partae

Tasmanian singer-songwriter Clinton Hutton is back with his new single “Can’t Handle Losing” which will be released on December 13. It’s a toe tapping, classic rock track that hits hard from the very first beat and never eases up until the end. Clinton’s songwriting and musical talent is undeniable and on full display in this song which features a clever arrangement, tasty guitar riffs and an incredibly infectious vocal performance that fully hooks the listener in. It’s a fun and relatable song about those super competitive people who love to win at everything, but just hate to lose!

Like all previous releases by Clinton, it’s another complete solo effort where he played all the instruments, recorded, mixed and mastered the song from his home studio. The catchy performance along with the professional production is outstanding and will make you hit repeat again and again. You can hear the influences of world class acts such as ACDC, Queen and the Foo Fighters in the track, but Clinton has his own vibe happening which is engaging and refreshing.

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