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I remember thinking, about a year ago that when covid starts to give way, clubbing could be a really different experience. That the idea of dancing in a large sweaty, crowd, might have a bit of an edge to it. Then I wondered if this “good dirty fun” would herald a renaissance in the indie dance/electro house sound that was huge 15 years ago. A movement where Australia truely punched above our weight and a time when filth and grit were properly adored.

There are elements of this renaissance in the new CLAIRE KNIGHT single SCORPIO SZN.

Thumpin percussion with grainy synths & brazen vocals. Sounds that remind me tuesday night raves, cheap shots & dear friends.

 Claire played with this sound on her debut track KILLIN THE VILLAIN earlier this year & the new single SCORPIO SZN crystalises the style. Drawing major inspiration from the golden era of 00s electro, Claire’s vocals are dripping with pixelated sass. Constantly moving and morphing the bass rhythm is supported by a chic, house backbeat. Suitable for modern dance floors.

Malcolm Besley of Northeast Party House did a superb job mixing this cheeky track, giving it the kind of sparkle that will make it pop at high volume

  Stay tuned for the EP release coming from CLAIRE KNIGHT in the subsequent months but in the meantime you can catch her at the following shows.

SCORPIO SZN Launch party at Saferoom Sydney on tonight, 21st October 2022

22nd October LOVE CLVB Boat Party on Glass Island

22nd October Hotel Harry, Surry Hills

4th Nov  – The Gertrude Hotel, Fitzroy

11th Nov  – Francesca’s Bar, Northcote

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