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If you’re a fan of Ocean Alley and The Rubens then I think there’ll be plenty about Chutney that you’ll be into. 

Declan Byrne (Triple J) 

That voice is crazy good! I love the way you belt it out but keep it cruisy at the same time. 

Claire Mooney (Triple J) 

A breezy breed of indie rock with just enough grit, it’ll hook you in from the first chord. 

Happy Mag 

Vocals are akin to the likes of Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, with a music composition which would not seem out of place in the early 2000s. 

Chutney has returned with a certified banger! It is clear upon the first listen of this downright bop that the Gold Coast’s beloved 4-piece is climbing to great heights in the indie rock scene with their latest track carrying a significant message. 

It’s not often you come across a song that screams at you to listen. However, Chutney’s latest release Talk does exactly that. Within the first second of hitting play you are slapped in the face with a commanding growl from lead vocalist Matt Hansford as if to say, “pay attention, what we’re saying is important”. And it is. 

Penned from the experience of seeing someone struggling and aching to do something about it, Talk encompasses the many feelings of seeing a person you care about battle with mental health issues. The lyrics are carefully curated, showing all facets of seeing someone experiencing tough times. Whilst the verses vocalise how great someone is and holds them up to the light, the chorus echoes a father figure brushing off

the severity of mental health issues by discounting his daughter’s feelings. Delving into the importance of the song’s meaning, Cal Hughes (Lead Guitar) explains: 

“Talk is about looking out for your mates when they’re having a hard time – about how everyone hasstrugglesfrom time to time, and how you are so much more important than you may ever realise. It is a song about mental health and the importance of leaning on those close to you in times of need. We wanted to create an uplifting, euphoric song that tackles sensitive subject matters while providing a positive ending – your mates will always be there for you, and having that talk isthe firststep to making a positive change.” 

Opening with an unforgettably powerful bassline and cymbal soaked drum beat, Talk instantly captures your attention. Complimented with hip-hop laced vocals from frontman Matt Hansford, the track clearly draws upon rap influences and infuses it with that classic Chutney sound, often likened to rockers Arctic Monkeys and Sticky Fingers. Also carrying the attitude of industry icons such as Rage Against The Machine and Gorillaz, the track’s electrifying guitar lines in the second verse drive the single home, building to a perfectly executed, anthemic chorus just begging to be belted by a sea of people in a festival amphitheatre. 

Tied to the single release is an accompanying music video, shot by Nicholas Stevens of Fastback Studios, that takes the viewer on a journey through some local-loved Gold Coast locations (Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, Alfreds Apartment, Mermaid Beach and more). The humorous clip starts with Hansford waking up on the beach at sunrise after a big night out, and continues to follow him as he navigates the day without a cent to his name and one goal: get to the gig. Showing that even with a rough start, you can still make a day your own with the right attitude. 

Watch the music video here. 

2021 is proving to be a successful year for the Chutney boys, with the Gold Coast natives bringing their infectious energy to the stage and leaving fans wanting more. From tour support with Queensland legends Beddy Rays and upcoming shows with Buttered, to their first festival appearance at Springtime alongside Ruel, Ball Park Music, Hermitude, Sycco and more in September, this four-piece is just getting started. With an upcoming single launch event, plans for another two singles and a run of shows before the end of the year, you can expect to be hearing a lot more from Chutney. 






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