Choir-Like Harmonies And Cascading Synths Collide In New Single ‘Fade’ By Skyuka

by the partae
Image credit: Dylan Guy

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“It’s a fierce and focused pop tune lush with electronic grooves and this larger-than-life assertiveness, channelling names amongst Australian pop’s most exciting as she dives into the dark, moodiness of pop music – something we often don’t see.”

“With a little lick of jazz on the vocals, this opens up into a luxuriously dark banger.”
(Gemma Pike, Triple J)

Fusing together electro-pop, indie, and trip-hop with nakedly honest lyrics delivered in soulful falsetto, Boorloo/Perth-based artist/producer Skyuka is already making waves on the West Coast, ready to wash over the nation with shimmering new single ‘Fade’ and accompanying video out on August 19.

Praised for her electrifying stage presence, Skyuka has captivated crowds at Boorloo/Perth’s finest venues – Mojo’s, Rosemount Hotel, Milk Bar, Freo Social and Jack Rabbit Slim’s, and recently played at 2021’s WAMfest. Notably, her collaboration with renowned hip hop artist Bitter Belief for his track ‘Hellbound’ has received over 28,000 streams – a huge feat.

Now, she’s taking listeners on an introspective journey with her forthcoming synth-pop tune, ‘Fade’.

‘Fade’ does anything but, with striking, well-placed beats, a sorrow-filled melody, and choir-like harmonies that collide with cascading synths. Skyuka’s mesmerising vulnerability is amplified by the tenderness in her voice which instantly resonates.

A song that was first written 10 years ago and had been placed in the ‘too hard basket’, ‘Fade’ begged for Skyuka’s attention again when she realised she was repeating old habits. Coming back to it as a more experienced songwriter helped her to finesse it to its final form, as these feelings were inevitably revisited. She explains:

“I was young and naive and had met someone who only wanted a casual relationship. I was hoping I could reciprocate this only to find that it left me feeling completely empty.”
“It’s about all the emotions we go through when someone can’t meet us in the way that we want them to. It’s about losing confidence in ourselves because we break our own promises.”

This mood is captured in the accompanying music video, which was directed by Skyuka and shot and edited by Dylan Guy. The scenes alternate between stillness and chaos, and its dreamlike aesthetic matches the ethereal nature of production on the track. The use of lighting and colour was inspired by the fairy scenes in Disney’s 1940s animated classic, ‘Fantasia’. Of the video, Skyuka says:

“It was about capturing raw emotion and the spectrum of emotions we go through in relationships.”

The journey into Skyuka’s ethereal synth-pop world continues with the release of ‘Fade’, so get ready to listen to the track, watch the video, and pay attention to this rising star from August 19.

‘Fade’ single launch takes place on August 24 at Mojo’s, in Walyalup/Fremantle.



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