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Rising Melbourne singer/songwriter CHEVALIER (aka Chelsea Donoghue) unveils her powerful and eloquent vocal delivery on her new single ‘Scarlet Skies’.

Premiering on PILERATS this week, “Scarlet Skies is a deeper introduction to the rising musician who’s just beginning to find her footings in the intricacies of playful pop music, showcasing the vocal she’s become recognised for over the years and placing it on feature display above a shimmering production that amplifies it like it needs to.



The vibrant red colour ‘scarlet’ is often associated with courage, passion and joy. So is CHEVALIER.



CHEVALIER has spent the past 5 years touring both locally and internationally – as back- up singer and vocal coach to good friend RUEL.



She says about her connection to RUEL“I first met Ruel and his family when he was 12 and remember thinking he had the most incredible voice. I started working with him on his vocals, then soon after when the touring began, I started doing BVs for him and tutored him for his schoolwork also. I’ve felt like part of the VanDijk family ever since! It’s been a crazy and incredibly rewarding 5 years watching everything grow so exponentially.”

Describing the writing process of ‘Scarlet Skies’, CHEVALIER says “My producer Allan McConnell sent through a rough idea of what ended up being the song and I just vibed with it straight away. I remember first listening to it on my balcony in Fitzroy and the sky was a vibrant array of pink and red. I had just got back from a big tour with Ruel so I popped open a bottle of red, sat back in my egg chair and put the beat on loop. All the lyrics and melodies came out within about 30 minutes, it kind of felt like I was dreaming.”



‘Scarlet Skies’ is also accompanied by a video, which was shot on the Great Ocean Road seaside town of Anglesea. It was directed by “Dream Team” of Georgia Grant and Jenny Cahir and produced by Darren Collinson.





CHEVALIER’S emotional lyrics and soulful vocal delivery invoke names such as Jazmine Sullivan, Solange and Nai Palm as some of her musical influences.

However her biggest influence was her nana – Bette Chevalier. Bette would come to every ballet concert, singing competition and piano competition with flowers for the young CHEVALIER.

Bette passed away while she was on tour in Europe with RUEL, her last wish was for CHEVALIER to finish the tour and keep performing. After the RUEL tour wound up, she came home and decided to put her own music out to the world in memory of her darling nana Bette Chevalier.

Her nana would be so proud of her granddaughter, not only is CHEVALIER an internationally touring musician, a powerful vocalist and talented songwriter, she is also in her final year of studying law.



Chevalier’s new single ‘Scarlet Skies’ is OUT NOW through Ditto Music.








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