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Hey guys, welcome to The Partae! Congrats on your ‘Wonderland’ release, your Kindisch debut. Where did the inspiration for this track come from? 

T : Hey Partae, thanks for having us. Thank you so much, we’re super excited about this release. We love the track, the remixes and the label.  We can’t be happier. 

P : Regarding this track the inspiration came last year when I was watching a western movie. I can’t remember the name of it but I still remember the guitar loop. We did the track in 1 day or 2. We had this guitar sample and we wanted to use it like an endless riff that stuck in your head. 

And there was born Wonderland and its unstoppable melody. 

Where did you write it and what key gear did you use? Did it come together naturally? 

T : We produced the track in our old studio in Paris. (We are now based in the countryside of France). We used the Korg minilog for the lead which appears on the main break. The bass was done on our ‘best friend’: the Moog Little Phatty. Finally, we use our singing talent to do the voice; that was a challenge because we’re not Adele. 

You’ve got Maga and Carlita on the remixes, how do you know both of them? And why did you pick them for this release? 

P : When Kindisch approved the track, straight away we wanted to do 2 remixes with 2 different vibes. We chat a lot with Carlita since the Abracadabra party in Tulum in January 2020. We love her style and her energy when she’s playing and we know that she produced very good tracks like Love Wins or El Rithmo del Tambor. It was quite logical to have her on board, and we love the remix she did for us. 

T : We met Maga at the party in Tulum too (parties there are the best:)). We wanted him because he has such a great vibe on his productions. He knows how to build a track perfectly. His remix is amazing too.
With him and Carlita it’s THE dream team for us 😉 

Generally what’s your structure in the studio, do you always work well together writing music? Or how does it normally flow? 

P : We’re doing most of our stuff together. We like it that way; it’s like a good ping pong match, I bring an idea, he brings one too. But lately, due to covid, we’ve had to start almost every new project alone and then we finish or edit together. 

T : It’s like an ‘E-ping pong’, but we’d rather be together when it’s time to produce. 

You’ve been perfecting your live set, and recently did the incredible stream at a UNESCO site in France to raise funds for Bye Bye Plastic, the set up looks incredible! When did you switch to live, and what do you think the benefits are with live versus DJing? 

T : It was one of our goals since day one. We always wanted to perform live. At our debut we had not enough equipment, then we were running out of time to really work on it. Actually it takes so much time to prepare for a whole live set! 

P : I’m the musician of our duo, and for me it was so important to play live. For me, it’s what performing should be. I love to DJ, building a set during a party, but live is more challenging and brings a new dimension to our music. Wonderland for example was so powerful live. 

What’s next on the horizon for you guys? 

P : Many things from a production point of view: 2 remixes are coming out before 2021 on Cosmic Awakenings and Wayu, and for 2021 we should have 3 new EPs and remixes too.
We also want to work on a new live show asap. It’s like a drug now! 😉 

Chambord’s ‘Wonderland’ EP is out now on Kindisch. Get it here:

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