Cedarsmoke Announce Sophomore Album ‘The Great & The Terrible’ With The Bittersweet Single ‘Goodnight Marianne’ Single Out June 16 | Album Out July 14

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Previous support for Cedarsmoke
‘Go Easy’ – First play on Double J Tower of Song
“Take it easy with the mellow yet majestic new single” (Pilerats) [About ‘Go Easy’]
“my fave yet from cedarsmoke. it feels carefree and loved up and the sweetness never feels overplayed!” 4 / 5 stars
(Declan Byrne, Triple J)“They’re a band that put storytelling at the forefront”

“It’s a glorious pastiche of popular culture references.”
(AU Review)

“Brisbane band Cedarsmoke are quickly emerging as forerunners to the next batch of great indie music Australia produces.”

“It’s the power to generate such vivid landscapes of longing, loss, frustration and doubt that makes Cedarsmoke one of the most relatable bands going.”
(Hysteria Mag)


Meanjin/Brisbane’s own Cedarsmoke is adding to their already massive back-catalogue announcing their sophomore album ‘The Great & The Terrible’ with the release of the joyful teaser ‘Goodnight Marianne’, out today.

This lively indie-rock song features jaunty melodies and playful lyrics that weave together a romantic comedy narrative. As the titular character and her paramour embark on a journey of doubt and certainty, we are treated to a delightful blend of witty banter, stock market contemplation, and clumsy attempts at affection.

With its infectious energy and catchy hooks, ‘Goodnight Marianne’ showcases Jon Cloumassis’ (frontman and singer-songwriter) knack for crafting memorable and relatable songs. The track opens with a single acoustic guitar, setting a heartfelt and intimate tone before evolving into a full-band rocker. Influenced by the spirited rock ‘n’ roll of the 1950s, the song’s doo-wop chord progression adds a nostalgic touch to the quivery melodies.

Lyrically, ‘Goodnight Marianne’ touches on themes that thread throughout the album, with references to ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and a central focus on the concept of change. Cloumassis, known for his distinctive vocals and charming metaphors, brings the narrative to life with his evocative storytelling. The track’s bittersweet tone captures the complexities of relationships and the ups and downs of life’s unpredictable journey.Following the success of their previous releases, including the well-received ‘Into The Wild World’Cedarsmoke is poised to grow their huge catalogue of music with ‘The Great & The Terrible’. The album is a 12-track eclectic amalgamation of Cedarsmoke’s signature sonic and lyrical style. From energetic indie-rock to heartfelt acoustic folk-style ballads and piano-driven numbers, ‘The Great & The Terrible’ explores the unpredictability and challenges of dealing with change.

“‘The Great & The Terrible’ is an exploration of change in all its forms and manifestations. Throughout the album, characters are introduced when they are in a state of change, whether it’s beginnings or endings. Inspired by, and deriving its name from The Wizard of Oz, the album intersperses allusions and references to the story’s characters, scenes and famous locations.

After our eclectic debut album, I wanted to make something that was more cohesive. As a result, ‘The Great & The Terrible’ features a select orchestra of instruments and tones in the guise of 1970’s folk-rock. Sonically influenced by classic albums, Blonde On Blonde and Born To Run, the songs have lyrical and folk cores that are minimally embellished with a select few instruments such as piano, acoustic guitars, organs, pedal steel, and harmonica.”

Recorded and mixed by Cam Smith (Tape/Off, Spirit Bunny, Terra Pines)‘The Great & The Terrible’ promises to be a musical journey that showcases Cedarsmoke’s lyric-driven pop, dark-humored observations, and moody charm.Cedarsmoke’s previous releases have garnered widespread praise and support from esteemed music platforms such as Triple JTriple J UnearthedDouble JMTV,  PileratsThe MusicAU ReviewAAA BackstageHysteria MagScenestr and more.

‘Goodnight Marianne’ 
will be available on all major streaming platforms now, serving as feel-good preview of what’s to come with ‘The Great & The Terrible’ on July 14.

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