Cat Dealers

by the partae

What are your names and your separate roles within Cat Dealers?

We are Pedro and Lugui. We work pretty much together in the project. Sometimes one of us has an idea, but we always talk about everything and come to a result together.

Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?

We live in Rio de Janeiro, our hometown. The music scene has grown a lot and we love playing here, maybe because it’s our city haha but it’s great. The people really love music and there are so many other great artists that we work or are friends with.

You recently opened for Shakira for two of her Brazil shows, how did this come about and how was the experience?

It was awesome! When we first heard that we were opening for her we got super excited! Excitement soon turned to nerves because we didn’t know if the fans would know us or what they were expecting, since they were there to see Shakira. It turned out great though, the crowd was amazing and we had the best time.

When and how did you first start DJing?

We’ve always been into music since we were kids, then came a time when we became really fascinated by electronic music. We started following it religiously and learning as much as we could about it. We liked it so much that we started producing our own music and in 2016 Cat Dealers officially began.

You’ve climbed a massive 26 places in this years DJ Mag Top 100 and you’re now sitting at the 48th position, what does it take to get to this level in the DJ game?

A lot of sleepless nights hahaha! I think that what really makes the difference is loving what you do and being willing to work hard. We are also really thankful for our fans and the team that work alongside us, without them all we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Right now I’m really into Rüfüs Du Sol’s new album. I really like them and I’ve been addicted to their latest releases.

You’ve just released a beautiful remix of Lauv’s ‘There’s No Way’ how do you go about remixing music?

Remixing Lauv was awesome, he has such an amazing voice and great music. We love remixing in general because we get to put our own stamp on tracks, allowing us to include some of these awesome songs in our own sets!

What programs/equipment do you use?

We produce using Ableton Live, and our favorite synths are Sylenth1 and Nexus (that is not an actual synth, but it’s awesome!).

What do you like to do away from music?

While on tour, we really like to get to know the places we’re playing at so we try to sightsee as much as possible whilst touring a country and experience everything it has to offer. That’s not always possible though, sometimes we have to leave too early and don’t have enough free time, but we do appreciate when we are able to do that. When we’re at home, we love spending time with our family, pets and friends because we don’t get many chances to see them due to travelling so much. We also like to play videogames, watch series and movies, just like everyone else haha.

You recently released the music video for your single “Keep On Lovin” which features Brazil’s hottest trending actress Agatha Moreira  – how did this music video come about?

The video was the result of incredible work by many people. We actually feature in the video and we were all so excited that it didn’t even feel like work, it was just so fun. Agatha loved the music and the idea of the video, so we were very happy she agreed to participate. In the end we were so proud of it, everything about the video made us smile.


What is your process for producing music?

We don’t have a normal schedule when producing music. Each one has a different process. Sometimes we start with the vocal, sometimes with the drop, sometimes we just like to have fun creating anything, so the process is just playing around hahaha.

You’ve just been on tour in Australia, how were the shows?

They were fantastic! It was our first time playing here and it’s amazing. The crowd is great, they make us feel really comfortable on stage and it’s been an awesome experience.

What are your impressions of Australia and the Australian music scene?

We’re in love with Australia. We always wanted to come here and it really is beautiful! Everything about it is awesome, the cities, the beaches, the people… We wish we could have stayed longer haha! The music scene is also pretty great! There’s so much going on and people are really interested in knowing and enjoying it. We surely will be back!

What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019?

We still got some great gigs coming up, we’ve just played in Ireland for the first time and now we’re headed back to Brazil. December is probably our busiest month, we’re travelling to so many great Brazilian cities. There’s still music to be released too, like our upcoming track My Way, by Spinnin’ Records. So we got a lot going on till the end of the year and we’re really looking forward to 2019.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

I would say that the food of BB Lanches (a food place in Rio de Janeiro) is the best! But we really LOVE Burrito California. It’s a burrito type that is really hard to find outside of Southern California. Favorite place to hang out… the beach for sure!

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