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Canadian pop artist Kyle  Richardson is celebrating the recent release of the official music video for his current single  “Can  You Hear Me” 

Written by Richardson and fellow Canadians Andrew Allen and Grammy-nominated Jeff Dawson  (who also produced), “Can You Hear Me” is the first of three planned singles to land from the  artist’s debut album, “Louder Than Words”, which arrives later this year.  

Coasting on a modern pop vibe with a rock edge, “Can You Hear Me” boasts minimalistic bouncy  verses leading into call-and-answer chorus vocals with big harmonies, and an appropriately  energetic percussion throughout. The music video was produced by Roadhouse Productions.  

Richardson says, “This song is a strong musical representation of my direction as an artist. It’s  about confidence, hope, and inspiration – all major themes that the album touches on as well. For  the video, I really wanted the visuals to be kinetic and colourful to really emphasize the urgency  behind the lyrics. Working with AJ Astle and Roadhouse Productions, we found an edgy studio  location filled with modern aesthetics and bright neon signs to really bring the bold sentiment of  the song to life.”  

As the first new music for the Vancouver-based LGBTQIA+ artist since 2019, “Can You Hear Me”  is a re-introduction of sorts for the artist and dedicated songwriter. Having written with a wide  range of Canadian artists, including superstar Carly Rae Jepsen, WCMA-nominated DYLN, and  rising star Garrett Neiles, Richardson previously released two singles of his own to Canadian radio  (“Painkiller” and “So Hot It Hurts”) and has lent his talents as a guest vocalist on a number of  collaborations, including Bobina’s 2016 single, “Love is the Answer” and its accompanying  remixes, which have earned over 1.5 million streams on Spotify.  

Having performed at multiple Pride events around his home city (including 2019’s New West  Pride), Richardson also wants “Can You Hear Me” to serve as a calling card and a proud statement  for the LGBTQIA+ community – especially fellow artists and creatives – to follow their  inspirations. Ultimately, his aim is to guide others to live boldly, while also leaving them ready for  more music.  

He says, “I want to give all of us the confidence to live loud in the moment, make memories to  hold on to, and celebrate the good times while you can. Treat every night like it’s your last night,  so you won’t have any regrets.” 

“Can You Hear Me” from Kyle Richardson is currently on Canadian radio and on all digital  streaming platforms. The music video is available on YouTube.  

For more about Kyle Richardson, please visit KyleRichardsonMusic.com and follow him on social  media: 

Instagram: @TurnUpTheKyle Facebook: @TurnUpTheKyle Twitter: @TurnUpTheKyle YouTube: YouTube.com/@TurnUpTheKyle Spotify: tinyurl.com/turnupthekylespotify TikTok: TikTok.com/@turnupthekyle 

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