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How do you know each other? 

Bronnie recalls, “Kal and I met through the Melb Blues music scene, I can’t recall whether it was at MBAS or Hume Blues it was quite some time ago, since then we’ve supported each other in music whenever possible.“

Marion states, “We had the pleasure of working with Kaliopi at Beneath Drivers Lane a few months ago and enjoyed a positive and supportive connection between us all. 

What drew you into the blues scene? 

Marion Turner says, “since the age of 14 , a school teacher took an interest in my vocals and introduced me to a couple of Blues songs. He would play the tunes on the school piano and put me into the school concerts, even a TV Talent Quest, that’s when I knew I wanted to sing the blues which I took up professionally later in life when I started working with Steve Plater”(Both from Salty Dog Blues Band are performing duo for this event as well as joining in the Jam).

Bronnie shares, “I was raised singing jazz, later switched to covers, when I moved to Perth I found the blues dare I say that was 40 odd years ago I’ve veered off a couple of times to pursue other genres in original music but I always come back to the blues it’s in my blood!” 

How do you find opportunities for women in the music industry and the blues scene in particular? 

Marion accounts, “I personally didn’t find it hard working in the music industry in cover, cabaret bands until I decided to go for broke in the blues scene with very much to learn about performing the blues in front of Blues audiences, definitely hard slog being mostly a male dominated field then. Am grateful that we women are accepted and more recognised in the Blues now days.” 

Bronnie believes, “There is always room for more women in blues!”. 

Lisette Payet, keyboard player for Kaliopi & The Blues Messengers, recalls, “I was initially introduced to the ‘Women In Blues’ through Kelly Auty and Jen Hawley when it first began and I have to say I’m a little disappointed after the MBAS competition to witness not much progress for the women in blues. Maybe we need more of these shows for Women in Blues.”

How do you feel being invited to be a part of the Ozi Blueswomen show for Double Trouble Blues Sessions?

Bronnie Gordon says “I’m loving being involved in the Ozi Blueswomen show, there hasn’t been a lot of time for rehearsal but when it’s happened it’s been a great vibe. This is a great concept, I’m looking forward to sharing the stage on Sunday!”

Marion added, “I feel honoured to be gracing the stage with Kaliopi and the Blues Messengers and all the very talented women participating in the show”.

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