Buffalo Paradise release their Album “The Kids Be Dancin’ to the world

by the partae

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Unafraid to get a crowd moving, this Sydney-based outfit leads with punchy vocals, thumping bass-lines, and driving rock rhythms, all coupled with laid back harmonies and surfy guitar leads that transport you to crystalline seas by sandy shores. 

Hand selected by ‘Coterie’ to open for them on their Sydney leg of their Australian Tour, selling out 4 single release shows and having the support of 2ser, Coast FM, Triple J Unearthed, 4zzzz and Rage (ABC), they aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

The Kids Be Dancin’ is Buffalo Paradise’s first complete artistic vision, with the flavour and musicianship of each member permeating through each song. Initially recording began prior to the 2021 June COVID lockdown, quickly halting progression of the album in its first steps, Buffalo Paradise was able to take some time away from the music and further foster the music to their artistic vision. The result is a much larger, louder and thicker sound – with considerable layering of intricacies that can only be found on repeat listens. It is clear as the listener progresses through The Kids Be Dancin’ that the band has numerous influential genres that have affected their writing, and a few black sheep songs amongst the track-listing – though only lending further to the album’s charm and musical journey. Each song provides such strong musical enjoyment to the band, and is sure to provide musical enjoyment to the listener as well.

This song is the final song written for The Kids Be Dancin’, coming to the band only a few weeks before the initial studio time for the album started. Seen by the band as the song representative of the album’s completion. “We were going to call Half Awake ‘The Observation Song’. As a band, we took a step back and decided to literally write about everyday observations you make but aren’t at front of mind. You could say Half Awake is an insight into the subconscious of Buffalo Paradise”.

Fate struck when frontman Lachie met lead-guitarist Angus at social hockey in late 2019 and they discovered common musical inspirations, from Spacey Jane to Lime Cordiale and Gang of Youths. Hostage to a tsunami of inspiration, Angus and Lachie had no choice but to embark on a journey for paradise. The tide washed up keyboardist Chris, drummer Rory, and bassist Naren Funk Fingers onto Buffalo Paradise’s shores, and the group matured into a fully formed outfit.

The band knew straight away Buffalo Paradise was a dream worth pursuing. As their melodic and rhythmic vision wove together like ocean currents, the group took their freshest material out of the rehearsal room to the live stage. Captivating audiences with their refreshing musical energy in a surf rock sound, Buffalo Paradise have come off a series of sold out headline shows for five single releases to date, and another in support of their debut album The Kids Be Dancin’, was released on November 18th 2022.



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