BROKEN WAVES release funk inspired new single ‘THE DIVIDE’. Announce Adelaide release show

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Exploring broken hearts caused by circumstantial separation, Adelaide’s Broken Waves have returned with their final release for 2022, the funk driven ‘The Divide’. Desiring to explore an emotional sensitivity within themselves, the band are as lyrically direct as possible throughout, with frontman Ben Lyons-Reid demanding an answer to why they’re being pushed away. Focusing on subtlety and simplicity, Broken Waves are passionate, yet to the point, drawing listenability and relatability immediately.

Having grown rapidly since bursting on the Adelaide indie-scene in 2020, the band are now hitting their stride and discovering the true ‘Broken Waves’ sound. Inspired by groove-oriented rhythms and indie-funk guitar riffs, ‘The Divide’ is the carefully crafted result of the band going with their gut, not overthinking sections, and working to nail down the core of what they needed to say. Proudly, they have reached a maturity as songwriters, letting the lyrics and ideas speak for themselves, without being shrouded in complex nuance.

“After a few years of exploring ideas and experimenting with our sound, it feels like we’ve really hit our stride and found our voice as a band. We’ve always seen ourselves as a groove-oriented band but “The Divide” has been an important step in our development. It is the first song we’ve written that displays our funk influences while sounding like an original take on those styles. It explores the experience of being in love with someone whose life circumstances are causing them to push you away and trying to be there for them in any way you can.”

The writing process for this song was easily the freest and unburdened we’ve had yet; every member of the band contributed equally, and we all had a shared vision of the direction we wanted to take. We’ve always made a habit of rewriting all our songs from scratch multiple times and this one was no different, but this time we focused on speeding up that process as much as possible. Every session was a free-for-all as ideas, parts and even entire sections were scrapped or repurposed to find the core of what we wanted to say. We’ve become much more comfortable letting our ideas speak for themselves without overcomplication.

 Broken Waves

Single Art by: Broken Waves

Eager to introduce fans and audiences across South Australia to ‘The Divide’, Broken Waves will be celebrating its release on Saturday, January 14th at Adelaide’s iconic Jive Bar. Wanting to allow their fans to enjoy the festival season, the band scheduled this show for the new year to celebrate the beginning of 2023, see out the 2022 season of festivals and launch ‘The Divide’ with the good times and fanfare that it deserves.

“We’re very excited to be playing at Jive for our single launch next year. Typically, a single launch isn’t so far after the initial release, however, not only do we not want any of our fans to miss out during the festive season but want to start 2023 with a bang. There’s much more to come next year from Broken Waves.” 

Broken Waves


Saturday, January 14th Jive Bar Adelaide

With special guests: TBC.


Adelaide indie regulars Ben, Will, Amber, Declan & Heath formed Broken Waves with an emphatic kick off in 2020. Their early success saw performances at Music SA’s ‘SCOUTED’ festival, as well as a coveted slot at The Royal Adelaide Show. Coverage followed in The Advertiser, Beat Magazine & CityMag, with the band also picking up the 2020 CARCLEW Project & Development Grant. Passionate advocates for discussions and research surrounding mental health, the band have also raised over $1000 for Black Dog Institute from their merchandise sales.


Adelaide indie-rock aficionados Broken Waves are back with the perfect catchya-later breakup tune for those faded summer romances: ‘Sunburn”
Beat Magazine

Broken Waves make music to listen to with headphones in. They’re not a band to put on quietly in the background.”

“This young Adelaide act set to make waves with new EP”

The Advertiser

“Adelaide quintet Broken Waves are making the indie-funk genre their own with a track “The Divide” full to the brim with funky guitars and joyous hooks.”


“With purposeful lyrical directness, ‘The Divide’ is an emotive and compelling exploration of what it feels like to be divided from the one that you love.”


‘The Divide’ is out now

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