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After the success of her single release ‘Air Force 1’, Tahdig returns with her anticipated debut EP titled ‘Truth Be Told’. Brisbane rapper Tahdig delivers 6 tracks that feature songwriters and vocalists from her neighborhood. 

Her debut EP demonstrates an exploration of sound production and versatility. This release has allowed Tahdig to showcase her talent as a lyricist and vocal MC. 

Tahdig’s EP features beats crafted by producers (Fewtile, Ramoon, Dillygotitbumpin & JustDan) from around the world allowing her to produce contrasting sounds. ‘Truth Be Told’ was recorded at Brisbane’s Six Degree Studios and saw Tahdig work with sound engineer Gene Castillo (Rush Hour Studio) and artists Skye-Marie and Khavari. ‘Truth Be Told’ is an EP that shines light on subjects that we experience in our lives.

“Truth Be Told is an EP where I get to express my feelings towards certain themes that are important to me such as, ‘Immigrants’. This track was written to convey a message about people leaving their motherland and their experience immigrating to another country in search of a better life and settling in and becoming important members of their community. My objective for making music is to create tracks that focus on important and relatable topics for my audience.

This EP has provided me with an opportunity to showcase my interest towards the Spanish language. My ethnicity is Persian and the spoken language is Farsi, however I have always had an interest in learning Spanish. As a music artist I want to embrace other languages and work with artists from different cultures. I believe diversity is beautiful and music in any spoken language brings people together.”


2022 is going to be the year Tahdig introduces herself to more audiences around the country with her distinct flair and sound. Developing her love for hip hop and the culture from a young age, Tahdig has cited her early influences; from the likes of Missy Elliott to Eve; 50 Cent to Eminem. Born in Iran and migrating to Central Queensland with her family as a child, Tahdig has been enraptured by hip hop since she was nine years old.

Her recent inspirations have come in the form of artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Wale, though her sound also sits in the same lane as your Remy Mas and Cardi Bs – making her one to watch as this year continues!


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