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For anyone who has a building collection of kicks, or at the very least, has the insatiable thirst for making sure your footwear collection remains *fresh*, Brisbane rapper Tahdig has delivered the perfect of songs.

 Her new single comes in the form of ‘Air Force 1’ an ode to the classic footwear that are an absolute staple within hip hop culture and streetwear, period. It’s a fun release from the artist, who has been releasing music since late 2021, showing off a natural talent as a lyricist and vocal MC.

Built on a beat crafted by German producer Fewtile, ‘Air Force 1’ was recorded at Brisbane’s Six Degree Studios and saw Tahdig work with Gene Castillo (Rush Hour Studio) on mixing and mastering. As the artist explains, ‘Air Force 1’ is all about feeling fun and confident; literally putting your best foot forward.

“‘Air Force 1’ is a hip-hop track that demonstrates high-energy and catchy vibes. I wanted to write a track that was fun and up-beat and expressed cool vibes. I chose to write about Air Force 1’s since they are a huge trend in street fashion and are a type of sneakers that make you feel and look cool.”

“I instantly fell in love with the sound as it had a middle eastern influence mixed with hard hitting urban beats. I knew that this would be the beat I would rap to for ‘Air Force 1’ due to its high tempo. With the process of making my tracks, I usually find the beat I like first then try to create my flow when I rap. Most of the time the initial beat that I like doesn’t match my flow so I usually have to source other beats that match. However with ‘Air Force 1’, the beat was a match from the get go.”


2022 is going to be the year Tahdig introduces herself to more audiences around the country with her distinct flair and sound. Developing her love for hip hop and the culture from a young age, Tahdig has cited her early influences; from the likes of Missy Elliott to Eve; 50 Cent to Eminem. Born in Iran and migrating to Central Queensland with her family as a child, Tahdig has been enraptured by hip hop since she was nine years old.

Her recent inspirations have come in the form of artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Wale, though her sound also sits in the same lane as your Remy Mas and Rosalías – making her one to watch as this year continues!

‘Air Force 1’ is released Thursday, May 19

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