Brisbane’s Jacinta Lal makes her arrival with debut EP, DIVYA

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Brisbane’s Jacinta Lal makes her arrival with debut EP, DIVYA

Following on from the release of her single ‘Self-Discover’, Brisbane hip hop artist Jacinta Lal unleashes her debut collection of material in the DIVYA EP.

The record is an intensely personal one for the young artist: not only is the title part of her name, but its meaning (‘divine’) is one that Jacinta has expanded upon through the music to become synonymous with feminine power and courage.

The EP came together across sessions with engineers Harry Fox and James Angus in Jacinta’s hometown of Brisbane. The six tracks on the DIVYA record capture different elements of Jacinta’s artistry and personal energy – great snapshots of the creative wave she was riding at the time of writing.

Previous singles ‘Self-Discover’, ‘Sheila’ and ‘Personal’ exude the confidence she naturally brings to the mic, while songs like ‘Funky Fierce’ and ‘M.V.P’ have seen Jacinta pour stacks of personality and biting style into each bar.

“To me, DIVYA are the ones who dare to show the world their true colours. DIVYA are the ambitious who fiercely go after their dreams. DIVYA are the strong-hearted. This does not mean they are not vulnerable. To me, DIVYA are the soulful who have been mocked and have felt pain. Lots of it. But DIVYA are the stubborn ones who get up over and over again despite being knocked over every single time before.”
Jacinta Lal

Accompanying the release of the EP, Jacinta shares new visuals for DIVYA track ‘Sheila’. As she says about this song, released near the end of 2020, ‘Sheila’ is for ‘the feisty and courageous boss queens out there.

“The ‘Sheila’ music video brings to life the character of a woman confident in her own skin. Expressed in some parts through dancing, the music video portrays the character ‘Sheila’ to be having a good time being proud of who she is.”
Jacinta Lal

The Divya EP is out now!
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