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How did you first start playing music?
My first exposure to music was at the age of four, it was classical music because my mom used to listen to classical and orchestral music. I fell in love with all the instruments, especially the piano, violin, and cello. What is fascinating about music is that it’s a universal language and connects people from all over the world. I taught myself how to play piano at the age of 15, and honestly, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Over the years, I fell in love with more genres, especially EDM.

What’s been happening recently?
I have to be honest, the last few months were extremely difficult mentally. I am working on new music but also working on myself. The music industry is very tough and most people don’t know that. A lot of people reference that 10,000-hour rule to be good at something. Nobody mentions how those hours can be boring, repetitive, and exhausting waiting to see signs of progress, so I am proud of myself that I didn’t give up on my dreams and kept going even though this year was challenging mentally and emotionally.  I always remind myself that every day I get out of bed excited to do those things I’m passionate about, and I have all the time in the world for them.

Your first single ‘Explore The World’ that you created with your sister, has hit over 525,000 reels, what influenced the sound and songwriting?
How did you go about writing Explore The World? Yes, crazy results! 3 years ago my sister traveled to the Philippines, I told her that I want to create a travel song and release it when she gets back home. She wrote the verse and sent it to me, I fell in love with it and wrote the chorus. When she came back home we finished the vocals literally in 30 minutes. I produced, mixed, and mastered the track and we released it at the end of 2019. It was a pleasure working with her; the process was fun and happened naturally. I can’t wait to work with my sister on more songs in the future.

What does this single mean to you?
This song holds such a special place in my heart. It means the world to me, especially because I wrote it with my amazing and talented sister. This is the first song I have ever released, and I never expected it to be huge.
The song started to take off only a year after I released it. People started using it on their Instagram videos, and it went viral. I never thought that my debut song would go viral! This song touches so many people, and I am extremely grateful for that. It’s been a cool thing to see the message in the song have such a profound impact on people. I was in such a strange place in life when this song came out. The success of this song gave me confidence. It made me believe I am good enough and that I must continue no matter what.

Being an independent artist, where did you record/produce/master and who did you work with?
I record, produce, mix and master everything in my parent’s house. I can’t wait to move to my own place but it’s better for me to stay with my parents and save money for the future. Eventually, the goal is to move to the United States, it’s an expensive process but it’s a must for me. I worked with singers from the United States and am going to work with more singers from all over the world…

How did you approach the recording/production process?
I remember the first time I watched the Tomorrowland festival on Youtube, and I was hooked. There is something contagious about electronic music. A couple of years later, I started creating music and knew I had found my purpose.
I learned and still learning everything from Youtube. I still have a lot to learn, and I am getting better every day. Consistency is the key!

Please tell us about your EP and any new music on the way:
I created this EP with Dorel, an amazing singer/songwriter and one of my best friends! He is the best singer I know.
First, we decided to create just one song together. The process was so fun, and we were so happy with the result, so we decided to create a full EP together. This EP means a lot to us; we created these songs from the depth of our souls.
So much love, fear, excitement, frustration, confusion, and happiness shaped this EP. The whole process sort of guided me in a healthier direction mentally when I really needed it. I’ve learned a lot about myself and about growth while making these songs. I can’t really explain how much this project means to me. I allowed myself to be very vulnerable in the process and show different sides of my soul. I am working on new music and can’t wait to share these songs with the world. I am working on Electronic, Acoustic, Pop, and Pop rock projects with extremely talented singers.

Who are you listening to at the moment?
ILLENIUM, Avicii, Martin Garrix, Coldplay, Bring Me The Horizon, Bad Omens, Hans Zimmer, Demi Lovato, Onerepublic, and Adele. I listen to so many genres and get inspiration literally from everything. Versatility is so important.

What’s planned for 2023?
Keep making music and touching people’s hearts and souls. I want to keep growing my socials and fanbase and of course, evolve and become a better version of myself – as a musician and as a person. My main goal is to get an artist visa and move to the U.S. I believe that I will be able to develop my music career in the U.S. much faster and I will have plenty of opportunities.

Favorite food and place to hang out?
BBQ, a good steak can fill my heart with happiness. Nature, because it gives me peace of mind and a huge boost of inspiration.

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