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Where are you currently based? West Leederville in Perth. I have a small home studio where I write and record and the band rehearse there.  What's been happening recently and how has your Covid experience been so far? Well we’ve just started to rehearse more because shows are happening again over here so we’ve just been dusting off the saddles. The covid thing didn’t really affect me that much because I don’t really have a life anyway. I’m always in my music room. Business as usual really.  Your new single 'The Reason' is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting? The funny thing is when you release a song it takes ages to get to that point and was usually written years ago. So I don’t recall what influenced that particular song. I don’t think it would have been anything specific.  How did you go about writing the track? I think I had the main synth hook and chord progression laying around for a little while and then I kinda had a breakthrough with the vocal delivery and then it all just flowed after that. I don’t remember it being a hard song to work out.  Where and when did you record and who with? It was recorded at the start of the year at Blackbird Studios with Dave Parkin. I also recorded some parts at my place.  What programs/equipment did you use? I use Logic. So I will usually have a demo done and then we go into the studio and redo some, or all of it again. I programmed the drum beat you hear at the start in Logic. Then Jamie came in and laid down the live drums. I think the synths were combination of soft synths and a Roland Juno. I used my Telecaster guitar but I can’t remember the amp we used. We use all sorts of equipment I can’t keep track.  Who are you listening to at the moment? Bob Dylan  What do you like to do away from music? I like to play tennis  What's planned for 2020?  More live shows. We will have a video for The Reason coming out soon that we’ve been recording at my place also. I think we might go back into the studio before the end of the year to record more songs that will probably come out in two years time where I get asked questions about them that I can’t remember the answers for. I have a Christmas song that I’ve had around for a long time that I wanna record. Maybe get around to doing that.  Favourite food and place to hangout? Probably Mexican food. The Bird which is a small live music venue where Emma works.

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, alt-rock group Big Orange return with their new single, ‘The Reason‘.

The brainchild of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Davis, they are heavily influenced by the classics such as Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones. The pop craftsmanship of Daniel’s songwriting is both refreshing and captivating. Following their July release ‘Apocketlipstick’, Big Orange follow up with their new track ‘The Reason’, delivers an upbeat vibe with underlying tones of sadness.

The track’s theme explores addictive love and the emotional battle within.

“It’s a paradox. The source of joy and the source of pain- it’s bittersweet”, says Daniel.

Their roots to hometown Harvey in the south-west of WA inspired the band name and is where they originally formed. Daniel’s vocals and guitar is complemented by life-long friends Tom Garvey on bass, Emma Adams on synths and percussion, and Jamie Gallacher on drums.

The band has maintained a loyal following since inception and has played alongside legends, Big Country, Jebediah and Ash. With extensive national airplay on FBI Radio and Double J, the group has also had regular features in RTRFM’s Sound Selection which landed them in the station’s Top 50 Most Played Tracks of 2018. Big Orange has been featured in Spotify’s ‘Chords & Cardigans’ Playlist and recently been featured in Bandcamp’s ‘New and Notable’ List. 

‘The Reason’ is out NOW.



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