Big Orange Bring Fierce Rock ‘n’ Roll Flavour To New Single ‘By The Dozen’

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Previous Support for Big Orange

Named in ‘Top 20 Artists to Watch 2021’ (theMusic)

Rock Song of the Year Nominee 2020 at the WAM Awards

RTRFM #14 Most Played Track 2020

“That they’re lifelong friends is perhaps why they sound so strong as a musical collective; Davis’s confident vocal delivery could overwhelm a lesser band backing him – but not here. Instead, it’s the kind of balance that Bruce Springsteen enjoys with the E Street Band, or Tom Petty enjoyed with the Heartbreakers.” (Xpress Magazine)

“Big Orange command attention in the purest possible way – with snappy hooks and sharply-written tunes. The band play with a no-frills commitment and confidence that serves to intensify the emotional impact of their material.” (Junction Records)

“There’s that kind-of intimate indie songwriting at the record’s core – that’s something that’s become distinctive to Big Orange over the last few years, and something we hope never disappears.” (Pilerats)

“They could be the next big thing out of WA, everyone could be talking about Big Orange.” 
(FBi Radio)

Revving with passion, sophistication and a pure rock ‘n’ roll power, Perth’s Big Orange is accelerating into 2022 with winning new single ‘By The Dozen’ (out Jan 21).

Known for bringing driving alt-rock energy tinged with a humble hit of modern pop, Big Orange is the project of Daniel Davis that expands with the talents of his lifelong friends to create the full-band live show.

With the past couple of years seeing the release of the acclaimed debut album ‘An Ode to Odious’ and most recently, the heartwarmingly festive single ‘Under The Christmas Tree, I Slept’Davis is primed for his next big track, clear in the luxurious pull of newest single ‘By The Dozen’.

Without hesitation, Big Orange delivers a nostalgic yearning for old school rock ‘n’ roll as moody blues-rock keys combine with illustrious guitar lines. Navigated by pushing electric guitar riffs and powerful drums, Davis’ firm vocals call through a kinetic fuzz that simultaneously echoes with rock legends of both past and present, as stage-ready guitar solos soar with striking confidence.

Drawn into a seductive bridge, Davis showcases his sonic depth by creating an ambient contrast to the surging rock layers, with subtle sighs reiterating the song’s desire for indulgence, until a final snapping drum solo brings the track to a close.

‘By The Dozen’ represents yet another instance of Davis’ strong songwriting capabilities, able to bring his worldly reflections to life through sophisticated storytelling, describing the single as:

“… a hedonistic fever dream of sex and ego and a plea to the kids to return to rock n roll.”

Big Orange’s previous releases have seen support from Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, theMusic, Pilerats, XPress Magazine, Junction Records, RTRFM, FBi Radio, 4ZZZ, 3RRR and more, as well as being nominated for the WAM Rock Song of the Year in 2020. The band have also played coveted support and festival slots including RTRFM flagship event In The PinesWAMFest and the inaugural WAY WAY WEST Festival.

Get into gear and get ready to queue Big Orange’s newest single ‘By The Dozen’, set for release on January 21.

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