BEN WRIGHT SMITH brings a trilogy of music together with the release of ECHO LODGE Record features ‘New Breeze’ among string of new material

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BEN WRIGHT SMITH brings a trilogy of music together with the release of ECHO LODGE Record features ‘New Breeze’ among string of new material

To cap off a strong run of music releases arcing all the way back to 2018, Ben Wright Smith presents Echo Lodge, the final instalment of what’s become a definitive trilogy of material.

Ten songs encompass the eras of previous EPs Psychotropical (2018), Volcano God Head Explodes (2020), plus three new tracks, the Echo Lodge project is a career touchstone for the singer-songwriter, who has been thriving as an artist on a national scale with each release.

The process of bringing this music together has been an organic one for Ben, who has always written from the heart with pure emotional intent driving each song. The way in which his previous EP’s rolled out lined up with his approach of expressing creatively, and his desire to be in constant communication and connection with the music community he is part of.

“I wanted to start releasing the music as we were recording it. I didn’t want to record stuff and have it just sitting there. I like the idea of finishing music and putting it out in the world as you’re doing it.” 
Ben Wright Smith

The music video for recent single ‘New Breeze’ (out now), is a hectic romp featuring actors Rhys Mitchell (Upper Middle Bogan, Glitchand Maria Angelou (Sisters, Bad Jews). Filmed at Ben’s house, directed by frequent collaborator Josh Dawson, the clip brings Ben’s track into a fun imaginative space.

“When we first came up with the idea we couldn’t stop laughing at how dumb it was. Basically we trashed my place with leaf blowers and tried to imagine a floating head chasing everyone around.”
Ben Wright Smith


“…this track sounds like a bloody ray of sunshine! So warm and radiant. Great to hear from you again.”
Triple J, Bridget Hustwaite (‘Storm Boy’)

“Ben Wright Smith is an artist you need to name as one of your favourites immediately.”
Tone Deaf

“…a hazy jam filled with euphoric vibes that would perfectly soundtrack a road trip to the beach.”
The Music (‘Tomorrow Never Comes’)

“The result is a diverse collection of indie-folk jams that flirt with the poppier side of the occasion, that serves as a fantastic body of work.”
Pilerats (The Great Divorce)


Storm Boy
Sleeping’s For Dreamers
Rancho Luna
Tomorrow Never Comes
The Wire
Volcano God Head Explodes
New Breeze
Psychotropical Brainstorm


Sunday, February 28th The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine
With special guests
Free Show

Saturday, April 17th Brewers Festival Melbourne

The Echo Lodge album is out now.
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