BEL KIL releases summer-drenched debut EP ‘MY YEAR’ Featuring shimmering single ‘MY YEAR’, she muses on life, love and dreams

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Photo – Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore


Navigating pivotal moments in her life from changing her path as a visual artist and having to re-learn how to sing after a major bike accident, Bel Kil’s debut EP ‘My Year’ is an expansive look into the world of Melbourne based Annabel Kilpatrick.

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer, Bel Kil creates summer-drenched tunes wrapped up in nostalgia, evoking a timeless land of sand dunes and golden light that is reminiscent of front runners Milky Chance, Julia Stone and Lana Del Ray.

“Whenever I write I seem to recall events or memories in a sunny or balmy weather scenario, even if I’m reflecting on a sad experience or event.” Bel Kil


Her debut EP ‘My Year’ is a multifaceted and soaring undertaking, blending electronic production with indie, rock, hip hop and a hint of funk. Her laid-back vocals and sweeping, anthemic choruses are fused with catchy hooks and witty, reflective lyrics. Her songs are incisive perceptions of life, love and dreams, laid bare on a backdrop of rousing, spirited beats.  

“It’s raw, honest, contemplative, reflective, uplifting and anthemic. Each song started without an intention, but rather an experimentation of sound and words that resonated with me and that developed into an idea I was eager to pursue.” Bel Kil

The first song on the EP ‘Escaping’ glides in like a sunrise. Reminiscent of Milky Chance’s breakout debut album Sadnecessary, ‘Escaping’ is a playful song made for a sun drenched trip to the coast. Following this is feature single ‘My Year’ which sees Bel explore the hypnotic soaring tones of her vocals underpinned by a funk laden groove and powerful drums. As the feature single from the album, it is accompanied by a music video that perfectly encapsulates Bel’s dreamy tones and sun-kissed sound.

“The visuals accompanying the single capture the freedom and nostalgia that I explore in my music. I stumbled across a stash of sun-bleached family photos of her mum growing up in Portland in the 70s, as well as images from my own childhood of kids in oversized costumes, playing with yabbies, and climbing over rock pools. Photographer Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore helped me recreate this nostalgic summer feel with a photoshoot at Half Moon Bay. Claudia also captured video footage on Super 8 film to intertwine with family videos, dating all the way back to the 30s.” Bel Kil



The next single ‘Cards’ sees Bel more heartfelt and raw, exploring themes of grief and loss that bring about perspective, weaving a warping soundscape where time becomes relative and the past is viscerally re-experienced in the present. Closing out the EP sees a more laidback Bel in ‘Backup Plan’ who lays her hypnotic vocals in between a psychedelic inspired warped instrumentation. Her soaring vocals dance over the strumming beat.

Bel recently supported Odette for her ‘On Occasion’ Tour and launched her Debut single ‘Escaping’ at The LeadBeater to a packed-out show in August. This single also saw Bel receive Spotify editorial playlisting, as well as support from Max Quinn from Triple J, Pilerats, Ramona, MILKY, Sounds of Oz and more.  Bel will be launching her EP on Friday 9th December at The Toff in Town in Melbourne. 

“My previous single launch was insane. I was anxious in the lead up. It was my first headline show and the band and I got covid one by one like dominos so it was touch and go there for a while. I kept waking up in a sweat dreaming no one rocked up but the 350 cap venue was packed out, people were on shoulders and singing the lyrics to songs they’d heard for the first time. I can’t wait to do it all again for my EP Launch at the Toff.” Bel Kil

EP (left) and focus single (right) artworks by: Bel Kil and Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore



My Year


Backup Plan


Friday, December 9th The Toff in Town Melbourne, VIC Tickets


“It’s been a minute since we’ve had a good whistle song! I am hearing Milky Chance, Julia Stone, Tones in this.”

Max Quinn, Triple J


“…the singers debut introduces us to summer-drenched sonics, built upon dynamic guitar lines and driving organic percussion.”



“It’s the perfect summery jam to help you escape from the winter weather, even if it’s for just a little while.”

Sounds of Oz.

“Bel Kil’s larger than life, luscious, and lively piece of indie pop ‘Escaping’ feels like a release in the best way possible.”

Find No Enemy

EP & MY YEAR is out NOVEMBER 10th

Bel Kil: Triple J Unearthed | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter | TikTok

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