Beks debuts new artist name and single ‘Stars in My Eyes’ from her upcoming mixtape

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Inspired by a new era of music and songwriting, former RACKETT frontwomen Rebecca Callander announces her official name change to Beks and debut single ‘Stars in My Eyes’ out Friday, 6th November, from her upcoming mixtape. 

‘Stars in my Eyes’ is an indie-pop track that showcases Beks rich vocal tones and progressive songwriting. With a swelling bass, layers of melodic vocals and velcro accents and beats, the single echoes similarities heard from artists such as Caroline Polachek, Sophie and Allie X.

“‘Stars in My Eyes is based on a personal confession or realisation I had the day before entering the studio. I’ve always struggled to balance my personal life with my music, the latter taking priority. Finding myself in a familiar cycle of imbalance, holding onto the threads of an unravelling relationship, revealed a phrase that felt symbolic of my fantastical obsession with music; ‘I’ve got stars in my eyes’. This phrase became the closing statement of the relationship and the beginning of the story told in the song”Beks.   

Produced by Tasker, the song was written at Fear and Loathing studios, Sydney, during a songwriting session between the pair who met on Sydney’s punk rock scene. Upon leaving the session, ‘Stars in My Eyes’ set Beks on an intensified songwriting journey, collaborating with artists and producers throughout Australia and the UK, which she has encapsulated in her upcoming mixtape. 

Since September 2020, Beks has been working daily with songwriters and producers in studios within Sydney and also in the UK via Zoom to create 12 unique tracks which will feature on her debut mixtape set for release mid-2021. The mixtape features co-writes and production by Taka Perry, Jim Eliot (Ladyhawke, EAST), Xira, Cam Nacson, Tasker, Lucy Neville, Nina Jirachi, Kim Moyes (The Presets), Airports, Clara Fable and more. 

Artist biography:

Beks is songwriter and DIY girl, Rebecca Callander. Beks makes indie-pop music centred around her life’s stories with remnants of her past experiences as the front-women guitarist of all-girl punk band RACKETT and drummer of Bec and Ben serving the songwriters journey to becoming Beks. 

Based in Sydney, Australia, Rebecca has toured Australia and Japan, playing more than 364 live shows from dive bars to major theatres and festivals, shaping the artist into a highly engaged performer; “thrilling live shows, technically proficient and powerful sounds and a DIY hyper-femme aesthetic.” – The BRAG. Rebecca’s work has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, The Music, Music Feeds and more and has been played regularly on community radio stations Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, FBI and more. 

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