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Where are you currently based?

 Based in Melbourne Australia.

How did you first start playing music?

I started to create music from my small home studio when I was 15. I grew a curiosity in composing beats and how it would make me feel a variety of emotions. Music connected me to my emotional side when I was a teenager

What’s been happening recently?

 I have been extremely busy working on a number of swim lanes. Im currently working with different producers on my collection of music across a range of genres, including RnB, afrobeats, reggeaton & pop. Managing my music company and all the moving components. My upcoming shows where I will be performing both singles Let Me Know and Real Man. My first show is in Nigeria, Lagos for flytime festival on the 20th- 24th December with headline acts including Burnaboy, Wizkid, Craig David, Niki Minaj & Davido. My second show is in my home country Australia for Juicy festival with an old school RnB line up including Ludacris, Bow-Wow, Mya and Ne-Yo who I will be performing with across Brisbane, Sydney and finally my hometown Melbourne.

Your debut single ‘Let Me Know’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting?

I’ve always been inspired by the King of music Michael Jackson and his ability to make people want to move through powerful metaphors. The instrumentation arrangement of ‘Let Me Know’ really focused on the heavy side of drum set, drum machine, strings and voice. I love writing songs about love. I think love is underrated, and such a complicated and powerful topic to connect with humanity.

Where and when did you record/produce then record and who did you work with?

I recorded Let Me Know in the infamous Circle House Studio  in Miami. I worked directly with Scott Storch in the creation of the beat whilst I wrote the lyrics and melody.

You worked with powerhouse producer Scott Storch in Miami, how was this experience?

 Incredible. Since I was a teenager I always looked up to Scott! For the first time I was able to create a track from scratch with him and it was an amazing experience as an artist. I watched his range of techniques- how he lays foundations, the plugins he uses when picking the sounds, how he defines the songs structures and chooses the right tempo and so much more!

Who are you listening to at the moment?

 I love the producer Sarz and Wizkid from Nigeria, Lagos.  The tracks Essence and Monalisa both have a strong soulful element in their technique.

Please tell us about any upcoming music releases.

 I have just released my single Let Me Know which will be followed up with my single with Ne-Yo called Real Man, we have just launched the track in the U.S. and will be releasing it in Australia shortly. It’s a RnB song with a powerful message of empowerment for both men and women.

We hear your next single is a collaboration with Ne-Yo, how did this come about and what was it like working together?

 I was scheduled to create a beat with Scott Stortch and co-write with Neyo on that beat.  Ne-Yo was not meant to be singing on my track but the concept both lyrically and melodically along with the beat was so strong that he asked how I would feel about him singing a verse on Real Man and see how it sounds which I accepted with excitement and joy! It was incredible working with two legends at their game! They hadn’t worked together since their hit single Let Me Love You by Mario so it was nostalgic coming together and creating magic from scratch!

What’s planned for the remainder of 2022 going into 2023? Tell us about your upcoming performance in Lagos.

I have  my first show on December 20th-24th in Nigeria Lagos for Flytime Festival. There are 60 artists performing with headlining acts including Wizkid, Davido, BurnaBoy, Craig David & Niki Minaj. I’m also going to be creating my first Afrobeats EP on this trip so stay tuned for it release in 2023.

I then have my first tour in January for Juicy Festtival where I will perform Real Man with Ne-Yo. We will be touring together across Brisbane on the 13th, Sydney on the 14th and Melbourne on the 15th.

I’m currently in strict rehearsals with the Ministry of Dance Australia and working with a Afrobeats choreographer for my show in Nigeria. I’m very excited

Favourite food and place to hang out in Melbourne?

 I’m a real foodie. I love cooking Italian, Greek, Persian food but when we go out some of my favourite restaurants are Mario’s in Fitzroy, Cosi, Afghan gallery and the list is endless!

Socials: @behani.official


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