Beach Body ‘Almost Summer’ Premiere

by the partae
Beach Body Premiere
Written in the spring of 2020 whilst holed up in a small cabin near a deserted Northern Saskatchewan village – and then recorded in a funeral-home-turned-recording-studio (SoulSound Studio) – the new music is a testament to their creative output and consistent drive for new, fresh and forward facing sounds. “I started writing ‘Almost Summer’ in 2018, when I was asked to write a theme song for my favourite little Regina music festival Swamp Fest,” says lead man Rory Copithorn. “I watched Wes Craven’s 1982 film Swamp Thing on repeat for a few days for some inspiration and the final version of the song has a not so subtle lyrical reference to the movie which inspired it. All in all, it’s a song about looking back at a time when all I could do was look forward, thinking real life would start some-place on the horizon.”

Formed in the summer of 2017 in a garage in the heart of the Canadian prairies, Beach Body took their time to marinade in their creative juices.  And that same garage is where they would perfect their laid-back brand of landlocked indie rock.  With three EP’s already under their belt  (“Plain Life” – 2017, “Curb Ciggies” – 2018, and “Beach Body Presents: The Southside Coyote Boys” – 2019)  the band is thrilled to be releasing their new tunes to the world.


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