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Hi Ban! The vibe of the track is dope – were there any specific sonic influences you were vibing with when making this track? 

YOOO TY MY G and yes WAP was definitely a huge influence, I think both conciously and subconsciously. That track was everywhere at the time so you know you couldn’t escape it, therefore I felt like I wanted to make something that would just bang from top to tail you know?

All of your material is pretty groove and rhythm-heavy, where does your love for production and this sort of music come from?

Damn I think it all really stems from spending alot of time listening to soundcloud back.

when it first started like 2014 or something. There were so many “backyard producers”  and “cloud rappers” like Flume, WhatsoNot, Lido, Major Lazer, Chance the rapper, Yung Lean, Spooky Black, Asap Rocky?!?! who were just posting certified banger after banger. Alot of that early soundcloud vibe is what keeps me making music and evolving I feel. Big shoutout to my homie Hatch for putting me onto soundcloud and for teaching me how to use Ableton. Honestly if you get a chance check out @hatchbeats on ig mans is a G

What makes a song like Anime Eyes the perfect jam to get to know you through?

Content wise this track isn’t deep enough to get to completely know me through BUT it is a decent introduction, and it hopefully pushes first time listeners to check out the rest of my

catalogue and really get a feel for who I am and what my music is.

Can you tell us a bit about what’s coming next for you this year?

Ofcourse! I’m working on a lot of new music and have a couple really dope colabs, from some hella dope local acts to some awesome international artists. I’m also looking to drop a couple more singles this year too, after that I’d say an ep than an album. My homie and I are talking about starting up a podcast too, you know, whole lotta unpopular opinions and hot takes on Music/Anime/Movies etc. So look forward to that too at some point.

How crucial has songwriting been for you through lockdown?

It’s been everything honestly, I’d say if I didn’t have this “gift” through the whole of 2020/21 I might of gone mad. I would’ve spent the whole time playing ps4, watching anime getting fat(ter), worrying about how I’m gonna pay the rent and feeling sorry for myself. Without getting too deep, being able to write songs and make beats and put those out into the world whilst being locked down has been UBER crucial.

Have you discovered any new artists or music that you can’t stop listening to atm?

Hmmm yeah actually I recently watched Eurovision 2021 and there was this artist from Iceland, Dađi Freyr been bumping his tracks alot, other than him I’ve been jamming alot of Brent Faiyaz, ¿Teo?, Emefbnx an aussie rapper/producer from Syd absolute heaters from him and Reggie Banks an

aussie producer from Sans Souci where I grew up dudes such a G shoutout to him. Oh and I’ve had ‘The Off-Season’ on repeat since it dropped.

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