Bambi O’Hara

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Bambi O'Hara

Where are you currently based?

I live in Sydney, Australia. I’m from Tasmania originally, and I moved here just over a year ago now.

 How did you first start playing music?

I have always been a singer, but it was when I got my first guitar that I started properly playing music. I taught myself from YouTube, and started turning my poetry into songs.

What’s been happening recently?

I’ve just started rehearsing with my band! It’s really fun and exciting. We will be doing more stripped back versions and we have Harpist too, which will be so amazing to perform with! It sounds very dreamy. All of the band are female too. There will be some epic acapella vocal harmonies happening haha.

Your new single ’10:45′ will be released on Friday April 16th, what influenced the sound and song-writing?

I was listening to a lot of Roy Orbison and Perfume Genius around the time “10:45” was written, and it was during COVID last year too! It’s original title was actually “Sun Dial”, and I wanted the song to sound bright and happy… like the sun! But, then my lyrics took a sad turn haha, and I started singing about how all of these amazing things were “Too Good to be True”, which is the pre-chorus. So “10:45” really took on a life of its own throughout the writing process. I love that though.

 How did you go about writing 10:45?

The process of this song was pretty organic. I co-wrote and co-produced this with my partner Tim McArtney, and we wrote the song on the grand piano, with just vocals, recording sections at a time. Most of the song was written within the first 2 days, by the third day we were deeeep in production land! I don’t like forcing anything whilst writing, so I just let the song take on a life of its own. The chords itself are quite bright and “happy” sounding, but then the vocal melody is super melancholic. I love this contrast.

What does 10:45 mean to you?

The meaning behind “10:45” to me, is recognising when you’re in a really good place in your life with someone, where everything seems to be going smoothly, and you so start to doubt. The chorus repeats “Don’t tell me it’s too good, Don’t tell me it’s too good, to be true”, and I feel like it’s that point in time, where you’re freaking out a bit, cause you’re waiting for something bad to happen?! Yet, when you’re in that good place, you’re wearing rose-tinted glasses, so you don’t really want to know the truth. Then I sing “Tell me, Tell me, Tell me” in the backing vocals, which is my subconscious almost anticipating and waiting for something bad to happen. So there’s this push and pull in “10:45”, of wanting to know the truth but trying to live in the moment.

Where and when did you record/produce/master and who with?

I recorded, co-produce and co-wrote “10:45” with my producer, and partner Tim McArtney. The song writing itself only took a couple of days. We spent a LOT of time together adding a lot of production to this track, particularly lots of vocal harmonies, and even got our friend Dora to come play violin throughout the track! I always get my music mastered with Little Wing Sound, George Georgiadis is fantastic.

How did you approach the recording/production process?

As always, very organically! I love using a lot of midi strings layered with real strings, to create a really lush and buzzy effect. I also love trap drums mixed with layers and layers of vocal harmonies and strings. Tim and I also find ourselves sifting through fun atmospheric soundscapes, or using plug-ins like Crystallizer or Tremolator (Soundtoys), on strings and voice, and speeding up time/momentum of the effect! My favourite plug-in by far is probably Tremolator. I’m obsessed with it. I love putting it on my vocals.

What programs/equipment were used? 

Instruments used in “10:45” were the Yamaha C7 grand piano, Fender 1971 Tele, Moog Sub 37 anddd we even recorded our own snare sample on a Black Beauty snare drum (they sound amazing). Used a bunch of plug-ins, mainly Valhalla reverbs and Kush Audio plug-ins.

How did the concept for the music video come about?

I wanted to create something visually bold, yet beautiful and surreal. I am obsessed with surrealist style movies, with clever use of colour and intense/confusing storylines. I was inspired by my favourite directors David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet), Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Mother!) and Stanley Kubrick (The Shining).

Where and when did you film and who did you work with?

We shot the “10:45” film clip in Stanwell Park and Avalon Beach, haha! There were some studio scenes, beach scenes, and underwater swimming scenes. I was swimming in a sea pool in Stanwell Park at 10:45pm ironically hahaha. It was absolutely freezing. For the second part, we had to shoot in Avalon because I borrowed this amazing old vintage Harvester Scout truck. The truck is a heritage listed vehicle, so you could only drive it in a registered area. It was also very old… You probably wouldn’t want to drive it very far, or for very long. Haha.

I worked with Sam Brumby for this film clip, and it was just the two of us brainstorming ideas, based on the surreal movies and directors that I really love – David Lynch, Darren Aronofsky, Stanley Kubrick. Sam Brumby is a really talented and amazing director, and such a great guy to work with in general.

What did you find most challenging and rewarding during the creation of the music video?

I really loved absolutely every aspect of it!

The hardest part was definitely trying to swim underwater for long periods of time.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

 Zella Day & Weyes Blood. They just released a song together called ‘Holocene’ . It’s beautiful.

What do you like to do away from music?

Painting and Ice-Skating.

What’s planned for 2021?

To try and release as much music as possible, and finally play gigs! Fingers crossed.

Favourite food and place to hang-out?

I adore this cute café in the middle of Surry Hills called ‘Kawa’. Great coffee, hash browns and vibe.

“10:45” Music Video:



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