BAD WEATHER return with new single ‘THE MAN OR THE BOY’

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From out of the West Coast comes another hit of engaging and entertaining indie music, courtesy of the striking BAD WEATHER. Having established a reputation for themselves in recent years as songwriters unafraid to delve into the raw and heartfelt end of the creative spectrum, Callum Robertson and Jono Dimascio have returned for a brand new year brandishing one of their strongest releases yet in new single, ‘THE MAN OR THE BOY’.

Following on from single release ‘Lilac’ at the end of 2023, ‘The Man Or The Boy’ is a fitting moment of evolution and elevation for Bad Weather; continuing to fuse moments of sonic nostalgia and yearning, with fresh observations on how we navigate low points of our lives and ultimately, how we can emerge from the darkness into the light. 

As Robertson describes, ‘The Man Or The Boy’ came together during a particularly low point in his life, when his mental health was not as strong as it could have been. As with Bad Weather’s previous offerings, the inner self and mental health are themes the songwriters are unafraid to explore. As such, their music is relatable and accessible to the listener.

“When I wrote this song my mental health was pretty low. I felt like I was in a rut and found myself continuously questioning whether the decisions I’d made in my life up until that point were right and if I had become the person I’d hoped I would be. I think that’s a really easy mental cycle to fall into, especially as you grow older.” CALLUM ROBERTSON, BAD WEATHER

‘The Man Or The Boy’ was recorded between Bad Weather’s own home studio and the studio of multi-platinum producer and engineer Michael Bono (MJB Sounds) in Perth. Working with someone like Michael was a fruitful experience for Bad Weather, being able to connect with not just another keen musical ear and frequent collaborator, but an accomplished talent who counts internationally renowned artists such as Avril Lavigne and Blink 182 as collaborators.

“I brought it into our home studio one day and it was pretty much there but we were struggling to finish the chorus. We ended up setting up a microphone and I started scatting words and melodies and within half an hour the chorus and bridge were done. It was a really special moment for the both of us. It felt really important and we knew that it was the perfect first single for 2024.” 


Since their debut in 2020 with the single ‘Teenagers In Love’, Bad Weather have been hitting all the right notes with tastemakers around Australia, including Music Feeds, Pilerats, Backseat Mafia; as well as earning reviews via Triple J Unearthed and consistent support via community radio stations, all hungry for their great grasp on melody, emotive songwriting and arrangement. 

Continuing to develop as live performers too, Bad Weather have cut their teeth on stages throughout WA supporting the likes of Tia Gostelow, STUMPS, End Of Fashion, Cry Club and Death By Denim; as well as joining The Faim on their national tour in 2022.

To celebrate the launch of ‘The Man Or The Boy’, Bad Weather will be performing at the Vinyl Cafe in Leederville on release day, February 23.



Friday 23 February Vinyl Cafe Leederville Tickets

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“Bad Weather’s sound just never gets old! I love the comforting nature of this new upload, I already know that it’s a song that I will keep coming back to in years to come <3” 


“‘Flowers In Your Room’ combines an indelible anthemic thunder with a yearning melancholia: the perfect ingredients for a perfect pop song. Coupled with an oceanic wave of guitars and an insistent rhythm section, Bad Weather have cast a golden ray of sunshine through the dark clouds.” 


“It’s the perfect blend of pop and rock, and we just don’t hear enough of that these days.” 


“Effortlessly weaves together threads of synth-pop, indie-rock and punk sensibilities, creating a nostalgia-fuelled collection of songs. Drawing comparison to early The 1975 and Wheatus, the band presents love, heartbreak and themes of mental health. Introspective and personal lyricism is brought to life by Robertson’s strong vocal performance, simmering above glistening synth-work, driving percussion and ear-worm guitar melodies.” 



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