BACHELOR (Jay Som’s Melina Duterte & Palehound’s Ellen Kempner) Share new single ‘Sick of Spiraling’ Debut album Doomin’ Sun out May 28

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BACHELOR (Jay Som's Melina Duterte & Palehound's Ellen Kempner) Share new single 'Sick of Spiraling' Debut album Doomin' Sun out May 28
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Praise for Bachelor

“two slow-burn songwriters who sound like they compounded each other’s daring on their first single, ‘Anything at All’…the track continually builds and bristles, starting with a skulking bass line and peaking with an onslaught of frenetic guitars.” – The New York Times

“The songs combine vivid imagery rooted in intimacy and desire with a gnawing fear of climate change and walking alone at night, among other things. The relationship between ambient anxiety and warm, immediate comfort provides the album’s central tension, in its own way a reminder of why it’s nice to have a friend when everything else seems to be crumbling.” – Pitchfork

“collaborations between artists we know and love can turn into really inspiring music and that’s just happened [with Bachelor]” – NPR Music’s Bob Boilen on All Songs Considered

“‘Anything At All’ an expertly designed piece of indie rock: a tasteful bass bump anchors the track, while guitars, synths, and pianos flicker anxiously during the verses before a big guitar hook that’s all carom and crunch, like a tidal wave on repeat.” – Rolling Stone

“A groovy ballad all about unrequited, queer love, the sound feels fresh and new for both artists”  – Billboard

“highlight the duality between restraint and release…Bachelor appears to be a push for both Kempner and Duterte into a more eerie, post-punk direction that doesn’t compromise on intimacy.” – them.

“a sparkling mix of both artist’s distinctive sounds.” – NYLON

“an explosive new team-up dripping with fuzz…’Stay in the Car’ careens wildly, thrillingly, and full of feverish promise.” – MTV

“When two indie rockers beloved in their own right team up for a collaborative project, you know you’re in for a treat.” – UPROXX

Bachelor  the collaborative project of Jay Som’s Melina Duterte and Palehound’s Ellen Kempner – will release its debut album Doomin’ Sun on May 28th via Milk! Records / Remote Control Records, and today the duo share another single off of the record.

Of the country-inflected ‘Sick of Spiraling‘ the band says “Sick of Spiraling is one of the last songs we wrote and recorded together in Topanga. Both of us initially tried to play drums on the song but the groove wasn’t right so we enlisted help from James Krivchenia. He came over for a day and drummed on a few songs on the record, he really brought this song to life with his unique style. Ellen had the riff in her voice memos for a while, and had originally imagined it as a slow kinda melancholic song. Once we got together and listened back to the riff we heard it a whole new way as an upbeat driving song. After that Ellen wrote lyrics inspired by driving on tour and the rush and anxiety of being completely untethered and unprotected on the open road.” Listen to the song now HERE and read more about it via Rolling Stone.

Written and recorded in Topanga, CA over the course of two weeks in January of 2020, pre-pandemic, Doomin’ Sun is a record steeped in friendship. Kempner and Duterte hybridised their individual songwriting talents, producing a collection that slips between moods with ease and showcases their lyrical prowess. While the album features collaborations with the likes of Big Thief’s Buck Meek and James Krivchenia, as well as Duterte’s partner and Routine-counterpart Annie Truscott of Chastity Belt, the record was largely made by the two musicians in isolation as a fitting precursor to the forthcoming year. Creating the space to explore significant themes from queerness to climate change, the collection also finds Bachelor experiencing pure, unadulterated joy: the kind of joy that can only come from creating, laughing, and having a ridiculous amount of fun with a close friend.

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