Ayala (IT) Drops His Debut EP On Sabo’s Sol Selectas

by the partae

Sabo and his label Sol Selectas welcome Ayala (IT) for an EP with three original tracks along with solo remixes by Sifa, Chambord and Animal Trainer.

Ayala (IT) previously featured on the Sol Selectas Summer Sol compilation with his track “Levante” that showcased his afro house style that blends upbeat tribal percussion with melodic synths and traditional instruments from around the world.

Each of the three originals take influence from aboriginal culture and fuses it with modern electronic sounds to create a sonic tapestry that tells ancient stories with a contemporary twist. Based in Italy, Ayala (IT) has also featured tracks on other imprints such as MoBlack Records, Sirin Music and Sony Music.

Joining the originals are three stunning remixes, the first of which comes from Belgium’s Sifa whose previously featured tracks on labels ranging from Kompakt to Global Underground. French duo Chambord have also featured on Summer Sol compilations, and make their return with a mystic remix in the style they have featured on the likes of Akbal Music and Kindisch. Last of the remixes comes from Swiss duo Animal Trainer who make their debut on Sol Selectas following many high-profile outings on the likes of Katermukke, Stil Vor Talent and Einmusika Recordings.

“Sacred Steels” opens the release with gamelan melodies and ethereal vocals that fuse with the building tension of a swelling synth. Augmented with dramatic vocal textures, it’s a tropical sapphire filled with adventure that teleports the dance floor too far away exotic locations.

Second of the originals, “Sacred Piano” has heavy percussion and distant trumpets that surround bass heavy piano chords. Loose and free-flowing, this ever-evolving slice of tribal house is tailor made for club sound systems, while also telling the story of jungle life.

“Panther” is last of the originals with a low-slung groove full of psychedelic textures and a mystic atmosphere that create a ceremonial vibe. Rich with percussive textures and enchanting melodies, the track feels like a lucid dream come to life.

Sifa’s remix of Sacred Steels lifts the tempo, and chunks up the track to raise the intensity while also adding a hypnotic acid bassline.

Chambord refines Sacred Piano with a version that strips back some of the original’s elements and brings the trumpets into focus to create a Balearic vibe perfect for bringing in the sunset.

Animal Trainer closes out the release with a melodic remix of Panther, which steadily builds momentum and draws focus to the melody until the drums take control in the latter stages of the rework.

The artwork by Helia Jamali is a sacred hypnotic sunset that awakens your deepest senses.


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