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Award-Winning Canadian Country Artist Karen Lee Batten

Award-winning Canadian country recording artist Karen Lee Batten is celebrating her new single, “Too Strong”. Currently available on all digital platforms, the track is new on Canadian radio this week.

“Too Strong” – co-written by Batten, Jeff Johnson (Madeline Merlo), Mitch Merrett (Tyler Joe Miller), and Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) – was also co-produced by the CCMA-winning Merrett (Aaron Pritchett) and Johnson (Meghan Patrick). The music video was directed by Meaghan Gipps. The single is rooted in the country genre but is carried by a pop rhythm and an empowering message of love, strength, and hope.

“Too Strong” is the first new music for Batten – a former “Canadian Idol” finalist and 7-time BC Country Music Association Award Winner for Female Artist of the Year – since the 2018 album, “Under the Covers in Muscle Shoals”, which debuted in Canada at #2 Billboard Soundscan and #4 on iTunes. Newly nominated for four 2020 BCCMA Awards – Female Artist, Industry Supporter, Interactive Artist, and Fans’ Choice – Batten is reflective about the circumstances that brought her new single together and contemplative about its place in a changed world.

She says, “This song is a testament to how music can develop almost by accident. Jeff Johnson had finished a long studio day when we started talking about life. By 3:30AM, we had started recording into a phone. By the next morning, Mitch and Chad were adding their own ideas and soon after, we had a complete song that was effortless and organic to create from start to finish.”

The creative happenstance that brought “Too Strong” to life at the end of 2019 has given way to a new personal meaning for the artist as the song as it begins its release phase in a new landscape.

Batten explains, “The heart of ‘Too Strong’ is about staying strong through the tough times in a relationship. With the challenges of our new reality, I feel that there is a deeper message about recognizing how strong we really are as humans. Whether that strength is there for us as individuals or to put into our relationships, we are too strong to give up. We must move forward.”

“Too Strong” will be followed by two more singles and an EP in the summer of 2021, also co-produced by Johnson and Merrett.

“Too Strong” is available across all digital platforms. It is now on Canadian radio.

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