Australian R&B artist Jasmine Khan drops second single ‘CLOSE’

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Australian R&B artist Jasmine Khan drops second single 'CLOSE'

Making a R&B song can be hard and making it a great R&B song can be even more difficult. But Jasmine Khan does it effortlessly.

‘CLOSE’ is Jasmine Khan’s second single and it’s her best song yet. Passionate, a little bit sultry, and engrossing, ‘CLOSE’ is an exciting addition to Khan’s fast-growing discography.

Jasmine Khan’s vocals are soft but powerful, dancing effortlessly over the rich production. ‘CLOSE’ integrates elements of trap production within an R&B focus, making the composure diverse but still steady.

The track is relatable, exploring the depths of heartbreak, and love, whilst navigating life and the complications that can arise. The track is warm and inviting, creating a vibe of togetherness that many listeners can attest to.

“I’ve been working late, on that day-to-day grind,” sings Jasmine Khan.

Signed by Venture Artists, the R&B artist is shaping up to become an Australian music icon. Sitting alongside other talented members of Venture Artists like KEIYNAN LONSDALE, H3RIZON and SHYJANA, we are excited to see JASMINE KHAN’s growth this year as she tackles new adventures within the musical landscape.

From Sydney, Australia, Jasmine Khan was a finalist on The Voice, and Winner of the Colours TV Singing Competition, where Khan represented Australia in Mumbai. Among many other achievements, Jasmine Khan is at her best when she can use her real-life experiences to create sonic masterpieces.


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