Augustine ‘Slow Train’ Premiere

by the partae
Augustine has released the darkly atmospheric “Slow Train” from her upcoming album “Neither Nightmares Nor Dreams Come True”.

Offering a melancholic and intimate dark folk that sounds both familiar and strangely unique; Augustine’s music is equally delicate and powerful –  it envelops as much as it confronts. Her noteworthy first album (The Devil in Me, 2016), paints with gentle, somber brushes the picture of her obsessions: failure,dreaming, longing and love. She now returns with a darker, more asserted second opus; Neither Nightmares Nor Dreams Come True is a haunting musical experience, a proposition of wider scope,still carried by Augustine’s distinctive and poignant voice. Her meticulously crafted music draws from multiple influences, from dark wave to rock and folk,with elements of experimental music and medieval soundscapes.

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