Augie March’s Glenn Richards releases new solo album

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Augie March's Glenn Richards releases new solo album

The first week of January 2020 saw Glenn Richards, on crutches due to a Christmas party cricketing incident, in a Melbourne studio with his Augie March bandmates putting down eleven new tracks for what might end up being the sequel to their acclaimed 2000 debut album Sunset Studies. The plan was for Glenn to complete it at home in Hobart and have it released in time for the band’s 20th anniversary of SS, a tour already booked in major theatres throughout the country.  For a couple of months that plan was looking rosy, but we all know the rest.  It played out similarly for most people, big plans or not.  So, after a stiff coffee, he started on the journey that would lead to a fully self made album, two film clips, and a complete set of lyric clips. Cottage industry indeed.

FIBATTY! is a full blooded album, possibly even more ambitious in its instrumentation and thematic reach than your average Augie record, and very far from a typical solo album by a sensitive bloke with an acoustic guitar. While it never stops at any station too long it is maybe best described as a deep, crooked pop album, something that would fit nicely on a playlist with the likes of Split Enz, The Kinks, Deerhunter, Guided By Voices, Richard Davies, The Go Betweens, XTC, Jellyfish, Richard Dawson, or any number of acts past and present who prize vision, quality, humour, genuine feeling and individuality as marks of good music.  But above all it is a Glenn Richards album, DIY ground to sky, and hopefully one of many to be released in this fashion. It is also very much a pandemic album, hopefully his only one.

The album features singles ‘In The Court Of The Cat King’ and brand new cut ‘Alive (Until You’re Not)’.

FIBATTY! is out now via Believe.

“There’s little to be gained at this stage waxing about the strange year we’ve all probably had but I made this record for a number of reasons, chief among them being as a way to process the shift in things and the plain awfulness of a few events closer to home that happened to land in the middle of it.  At the same time I tried to make something that would be enjoyable to listen to whether superficially, forensically or anywhere between.  It has hooks, humour, depth, polish and grime, and as much as is possible in a short album it contains traces of so many of my influences from the proponents of raw four track wizardry to the maestros of the most audacious studio trickery.  In the end though it’s just me in my glorified shed in a backyard, isolation within isolation, hopefully a work of some fellowship and joy.  I’ll be releasing a track a day with an accompanying lyric video for the next several days for edification purposes.” –  Glenn Richards on FIBATTY! 10.12.20


01 In the Court of the Cat King
02 Alive (Until You’re Not)
03 New Songwriter
04 U R
05 Lake Drive
07 Last Aid Kit
08 Stalker 1986
09 My Midi Life
10 Backyard Arcana
11 Never Be Your Boy


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