Audio Obscura Sunrise at The Loft w/ Peggy Gou, Hunee for ADE 2022

by the partae

Words: Domenico Frascino

Amsterdam Dance Event – which took place from October 19th to 23rd – is arguably the leading European music event and something you absolutely cannot miss every autumn. With over 300 music events happening in the city, we attended one of the most epic parties of the week: the Audio Obscura Sunrise at the infamous location The Loft.

Audio Obscura parties are widely renowned for their picturesque and charming locations. This Sunrise Session took place at The Loft, located on the top floor of the A’DAM Tower, one of the tallest landmarks in the city centre of the Dutch capital. The large glass windows allow for a breathtaking view of the city, enhanced even further by the early lights of dawn that created a magical scenery for a legendary dj-set.

Behind the decks, the power combo of Peggy Gou and Hunee entertained the intimate crowd with a whopping 7-hours musical journey that kickstarted the morning on the last day of ADE 2022 from 7-14h. The unusual mix of people, some coming from afterparties or one of the multiple ADE events happening on Saturday night, and some just about to start their day with house and disco for breakfast, contributed to an otherworldly vibe in the club. 


Hunee started out with a carefully selected set of trippy morning magic music including several house classics tracks, perfectly fitting to an afterhour. This made the atmosphere quickly escalate and the temperature inside the Loft rise. It was enchanting to see the multicultural and international crowd getting together smiling and dancing to the hypnotic beats.

When Peggy Gou took the stage, the party went absolute bonkers. Her electro disco house selection set the dancefloor on fire, bringing the energy inside The Loft to a whole new level. 

As usual, Audio Obscura did not disappoint and delivered one of the most memorable events of the packed ADE week.

To make you feel part of the party, we listed our top 5 tracks that Hunee and Peggy Gou blasted at the Audio Obscura Sunrise Session at the Loft:


  1. Off the Meds – Hiccups  (Roman Flugel Elektro House Mix)
  2. Peggy Gou – I Go (DJ Koze Remix)
  3. Satoshi Tomiie – Bassline
  4. Mim Souleiman – Poa
  5. Kassian – Aerial

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